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Cygnar.png Hurricane Cygnar.png

Cygnar Colossal


Weapons Arc Node
Dual Storm Emitters
Dual Cannons
Twin Shock Fists
Height 8.53m
Weight 60 tons
Fuel load 748.43 kg
Fuel usage 10 hours general
110 mins combat
Chassis designer Cygnaran Armoury
Initial service date 608 AR
The Hurricane is the second of the modern colossals manufactured by Cygnar. For Cygnar, this new colossal marks not just another engineering triumph but a beacon of hope for a nation so often beset on all sides.


The Hurricane's design is finalised even before the first Stormwall strode from the assembly line. Cygnar’s engineers are able to use the same factories to construct the Hurricane immediately after the initial batch of Stormwalls was completed. Despite its complex design, streamlined assembly process cuts production times on the Hurricane to nearly half that of the Stormwall. In addition, Sebastian Nemo’s role as artificer general helps accelerate progress on the project, as the Cygnaran Armoury could immediately act on his directives rather than having to wait for budgetary approval. Hardware, conduits, and insulating framework surrounding the Stormwall’s lightning pods were repurposed to house several new systems to craft a colossal with the capability to stop the heaviest enemies in their tracks.[1]


The most extensive of the Hurricane's divergent systems is a pair of storm emitters set into the shoulders of the Hurricane’s chassis. Applying technology wielded by stormsmiths on a scale previously unseen, these devices generate potent, localised storms capable of driving back the stoutest opponents with focused winds while lashing them with lightning. Similarly, the Hurricane’s fists include subtle adjustments to the routing of voltaic energies to render them particularly useful in damaging the cortexes of any warjacks tough enough to survive direct strikes, diminishing their ability to retaliate.[1]


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