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The-retribution-of-scyrah.png Hyperion The-retribution-of-scyrah.png

Colossal Myrmidon


Armament Starburst
Twin Thresher Cannons
Twin Blade Fists
Height 9.3 meters/30.5 feet
Weight 66 tons
Operational duration 90 mins
Artificer House Shyeel

The Hyperion is the pinnacle of House Shyeel design, towering over even the heaviest of myrmidons and mounting the powerful Starburst emitter.[1]


The Hyperion and its armament were created in response to an indisputably dire threat: the dragon Ethrunbal who arose from beneath the city of Issyrah. Thousands of civilians were slaughtered before military forces succeeded in subduing the dragon and extracting his athanc, and in the end, the city of Issyrah was reduced to rubble and abandoned. Looking upon the catastrophe, the artificers of House Shyeel considered their duty to craft a weapon powerful enough to confront threats as dreadful as Ethrunbal.[1]

The finest minds of House Shyeel began countless experiments in the realm of unconventional energies. They eventually discovered that the fundamental forces of nature could be altered to produce an incomprehensible force related to the energies with which the gods had forged the stars. Their earliest successes required mechanisms too large to be housed within even the largest myrmidon. It took decades more to design smaller constructs that could channel such energy. The Hyperion’s chassis and hull were built in tandem with the final stages of starburst development.[1]

House Shyeel built several Hyperions but kept them in reserve against major threats from outside Ios, though they'd see their first deployment under circumstances much different than originally intended. Near the end of the War of the Houses, the allied hallytyr met heavy resistance from the powerful myrmidons of House Vyre employing unorthodox and dangerous energies. Fearing a prolonged siege against House Vyre and hoping to prevent greater loss of civilian life in extended battle, the hallytyr urged House Shyeel to deploy the Hyperions.[1]

The Hyperions inarguably brought the Iosan civil war to a swift conclusion, but at a great cost of lives. After House Vyre dismantled its myrmidons, the hallytyr unanimously moved to prohibit the use of the Hyperion or anything related to starburst technology within any Iosan city. In accordance, the Hyperions were stationed along the border.[1]

With the rise of the Retribution of Scyrah, its extreme politics and its alliances with Houses Shyeel and Nyarr, old legal shackles begin to fall away. Fresh from his victories abroad, Vyros Nyarr pulls the Hyperions from the borders to add them to the Retribution’s arsenal. Hallytyr consuls are forced to stifle their objections lest they be seen as impeding Ios’ only hope for a brighter future. The liberation of Nyssor has given the Retribution all the clout it requires to arm itself with the most formidable constructs ever developed on Iosan soil.[1]


The Hyperion's infrastructure are large enough to accommodate the oversized generators necessary to power the machine and to create the starburst effect as a function of its protective energy fields. The starburst cannon emanates a discharge of warped energy that eventually fades to reveal a zone of utter annihilation: stone, steel, and flesh erased from existence. The thresher cannons, the Hyperion's independent secondary weapon system, fire kinetic projectiles similar to the firearms used by some Iosan infantry.[1]


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