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Cryx.png Inflictor Cryx.png

Cryx Helljack


Weapons Shield Claw
Height 3.63m
Weight 6.8 tons
Fuel load 45.36 kg (necrotite)
122.47 kg (coal)
Fuel usage 12 hours general
2 hours combat
Chassis designer Necrotech Cabal of Lich Lord Morbus
Initial service date 606 AR
The Inflictor is a Cryxian helljack that combines all the deadly cunning of its counterparts with a twisted compulsion to protect the master enslaving it.


Soon after the discovery of Verrik Kurr’s Seethers, the necrotechs tried and failed to unlock the secrets of the mysterious soul drives empowering the rage-haunted machines. The necrotechs found themselves unable to follow Kurr’s mad logic and convoluted designs. For a time the project was forgotten by most except for Lich Lord Morbus, master of Cryx’s war production efforts, who continued to brood on the puzzle and took personal umbrage at the difficulties in replicating these vicious machines. After the Seethers saw considerable success on the battlefield, the other lich lords made unravelling the mysteries of the soul drive a general mandate.[1]

Morbus set a team of his most diabolical and unhinged necrotechs to the effort. Amid their combined madness, their collaboration replicated Kurr’s genius and Cryx soon began efforts to reverse engineer the soul drive. Countless mainlanders were captured and brought to Cryxian necrofactoriums to be subjected to cruel experiments, each designed to bring forth some specific resonance from their souls. The project was eventually successful, giving rise to the Inflictor.[1]


The Inflictor’s left arm ends in a shield-like claw which, while more than capable of crushing strikes, is excellently suited to warding off attacks. Affixed to the helljack’s right shoulder is a segmented extensible stinger that can strike from above or behind to pierce a vulnerable side or back and inject a dose of lethal poison that will painfully obliterate a living creature’s internal organs. The Inflictor also possesses surprisingly quick reflexes for a machine of its size, enabling it to interpose its bulk between its master and any potential threat at a moment’s notice.[1]

Unlike most helljacks, the Inflictor has more than a cortex at its core, for it contains the tormented essence of those slain and bound after death to empower it. These souls lend their anger and madness to the machine, giving it an unpredictability and malice that can take its enemies by surprise. While Kurr's original Seethers require effort to control, the souls inside an Inflictor are brought to a narrower, more useful derangement.[1]

The Inflictors are conditioned to obsessively safeguard the warcaster that controls them. A blend of obsequious servitude and jealous rage informs the Inflictor’s behaviour on the battlefield, making it easier to control and equally useful as both killer and bodyguard.[1]


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