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Convergence.png Inverter Convergence.png

Heavy Vector


Armament Meteor Hammer
Height 3.56m
Weight 9.2 tons
Peak Operational Duration 4.5 hours
Current Design Iteration 44
Lead Innovator Forge Master Meridian
Initial service date 402 AR
The Inverter is a heavy vector designed with one straightforward imperative: to apply raw force to the most enduring foes in an effort to reduce them to scrap.


The Inverter was designed by Forge Master Meridian to replace the obsolete Aggregator as a more forcible weapon platform dedicated to protracted combat against the most resilient enemies. The Inverter shared some similarities with the Aggregator, primarily its base design and optical array. However, these systems were upgraded with then-recent technology, improving ambulatory stability and target acquisition speed.[1]


Inverters are used to directly toward the most seemingly unassailable enemies. Once an Inverter engages its target, it smashes with its massive macropummeler with staggering impact; properly placed blows can maim a heavy warjack or outright crush smaller targets. While gears slowly crank the macropummeler back into position, the Inverter continues its assault with its whirling meteor hammer. The vector continuously calculates so that each strike inflicts maximum damage, its arm shifting through countless micro-rotations to find the perfect angle no matter what efforts the target makes to preserve itself.[2]

The Inverter's variants include the Cipher and the Monitor.[2]