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Cygnar.png Ironclad Cygnar.png

Cygnar Heavy Warjack

300px-F Cygnar ExtremeIronclad.png

Weapons Quake Hammer
Open Fist
Height 3.81m
Weight 263.99 kg
Fuel load 582 lbs
Fuel usage 5.5 hours general
60 mins combat
Chassis designer Engines East
Initial service date 556 AR

The Ironclad is a Cygnaran heavy warjack designed by Engines East.[1]


The Ironclad was designed in the 550s by Engines East, designers of several older mainstays of the Cygnaran army, including the Nomad. Unlike their previous work, the Ironclad was designed from the ground up to be a warjack. The Ironclad chassis has ben adapted into several other warjacks such as the Defender, the Cyclone, the Stormclad, and the Reliant.[1]

Two Ironclads of note are Ol' Rowdy, an aggressive warjack from the original run of Ironclads that now serves Coleman Stryker[1], and Gallant, the personal warjack of Constance Blaize who the Church of Morrow has extensively blessed and modified.[2]


The Ironclad is one of Cygnar's mainstay heavy warjacks, meant to take down enemy heavy warjacks. The two most notable advances in this design are the use of a more sophisticated cortex, allowing considerably better performance in combat, and the addition of its signature quake hammer. In the event that it is surrounded by infantry, it can slam its hammer into the ground to send them falling and open to attack by the rest of the army.[1]


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