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Cryx.png Leviathan Cryx.png

Cryx Helljack


Weapons Spiker Cannon
Crushing Claw
Height 3.18m
Weight 7 tons
Fuel load 44.91 kg (necrotite)
120.202 kg (coal)
Fuel usage 12 hours general
2 hours combat
Chassis designer Necrotechs of Cryx
Initial service date Unknown
The Leviathan is an immense, amphibious helljack of frightening mobility favoured by the reaver captains of Cryxian blackships. It leads the charge from the depths with an array of truly gruesome weapons effective even against the durable design of warjacks themselves.


As Cryxian raiding parties thrust further into mainland Immoren, they found it increasingly difficult to move in secrecy. Helljacks were simply ill-suited to negotiate the treacherous landscapes at any kind of speed, so Cryxian warcasters turned to the necrotechs and demanded a solution. They accepted the challenge and in due time unleashed the Leviathan.[1]


The Leviathan's watertight furnaces can seal for a short time, allowing the helljack to be deployed at sea, whereupon it is shoved overboard and left to make its way silently across the sea bed on its spidery limbs.[1]

When it senses prey, a Leviathan rises from the tide to bring its murderous weapons to bear. Its right claw, alchemically treated to withstand immense force while inflicting grievous mechanikal devastation, is powerful enough to tear limbs from enemy warjacks and crush smaller enemies outright. Even more terrifying is the rapid-fire cannon on its left arm. Fuelled by excess steam built up in the Leviathan's necrotite furnace and fed crude but effective spikes from its reloading hopper, this semi-automatic cannon unleashes a wave of metallic death when fired. Smaller prey such as infantry are merely cut down by the spikes, but warjacks and other large targets are shredded in the barrage, mangled by the wailing projectiles.[1]


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