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Template:Help Advice on how to contribute

Read And Improve Articles

When you notice mistakes in an article or an article that needs content improvement, please contribute! Even small improvements help and increase the quality of Lexicanum as a whole. Please register and log in, just click the "EDIT" link and improve the text right away.

See also: How to edit a page and How to write a good article

Adding new information

Recently read something and are looking on the Lexicanum for more information but cant find anything? Add any and all information you can or are willing to a new or existing relevant page. As long as you follow the correct formatting and sourcing guidelines then you addition will be welcomed!

Improving Sources

Every so often during your reading of the Lexicanum, you may come across a page which is not sourced very well, with either little or no footnotes. If you have the source material mentioned on the pages sources then you could verify the information withn the page and footnote appropriately what you can.

Contribute Text!

Many of you may have already written texts similar to those in the Lexicanum. Maybe for themselves, for friends or even for school (eg. reviews). If you have all the rights to this text, ie. you have written the text all by yourself and there is no other person with rights on your work, then you can contribute it to LEXICANUM. This way the text can be viewed by everyone including you and is protected from legal claim from third persons.

See also: LEXICANUM:How to add a new page

If you have already published your text elsewhere in the internet, eg. on your private homepage, please add a small comment identifying you as the author. This is necessary, because some users copy texts from copyrighted sources, which we have to delete in case of doubt.

Link orphaned pages!

For beginners it is a good exercise to link orphaned pages to make them accessible from other pages. You can find these pages under Orphaned Articles. Find articles that fit to an orphaned page and add a link to the unaccessible page. The easiest way to accomplish this is to add an internal link:

   ''See also:'' [[Article 1]], [[Article 2]]

Adhere to copyrights

Sometimes users just copy text from copyrighted sources. If you find such a text (eg. with help of a search machine), please add it immediately under Deletion Candidates. Articles listed there will be edited or deleted.

Never use copyrighted material without permission of the proprietor!

See also: Privateer Press Copyright Information