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Images are a central part of Lexicanum and are a very useful way of both illustrating points as well as making articles a lot more fun to look at. The following are some guidelines on how to do this well.


To upload an image, go to the link on the left-hand bar, at the bottom, called Upload file. Then click on Browse and select the file you want to upload. Note: these files must be on your computer, you cannot upload an image straight from the Internet. Once you have selected this, the Destination Filename should be filled in automatically. This will be the name you use to actually put the image into an article.

Then, give a suitable summary (see below), insert the correct copyright information (see below) and put in the source for the image (see below). All three of these must be filled in or else the image will be incomplete in some way, soon leading to problems. Our goal is to have a proper image gallery completely filled out with the destination of all images known, that way we can keep things organised and avoid the wrath of Games Workshop!

There are also two buttons, 'Watch this page' and 'Ignore any warnings'. The first adds the image to your watch list which will alert you to any changes made to the image (in much the same way that an article on your watch list). The second is there in case there is a problem with the image for some reason, but you still want to upload it. This will hopefully not happen often! Then, simply click the 'Upload file' button and wait for it to finish.

The final step is to add an image category. This cannot be done when uploading and you need to go back to the image once it is uploaded and edit it. Then you just need to add the relevant category at the bottom of the article. For a list, see the Categories link on the left links bar at the top.

Further Help


The Summary section needs to be just that, a summary of the contents of the image. If you are uploading an image of a model, write 'A model of X' or 'X model' (see also: Image:Caspia.jpg). If it is a map, write 'A map of X', or 'X Map' (see also: Image:Cygnar Map.jpg). If it is a battle scene, write 'Battle of X' or 'A battle between X and Y', and so on. Internal linking must be present to ensure links to relevant pages. It doesn't need to be long, just giving as much description as possible.

If the image is of artwork for the cover of a book, novel, comic e.t.c. or just a illustration, then the Artists name should also be inserted in the summary.

Copyright Status

This is necessary on all images as it is required by Privateer Press, otherwise the picture is being used illegally and Privateer Press could have all such images removed! For simplicity we provide you with the Copyright to include, see below:

  • For all images use: {{Copyright}} - this template generates the full text. If the file is not from an official publication related to Privateer Press (Skull Island Expedition, No Quarter, licensed Warmachine Video Games e.t.c.) then you may not upload the image for use on the Lexicanum

If the image has been painted and the source is available, put something like: 'Also, Copyright X (painter)'


A Source is mandatory when uploading, otherwise the Image will be deleted 99% of the time. If sourcing from a magazine, codex e.t.c. then a page number is required also. If it is acquired from a website, give the web address by simply copying the URL (web address i.e. http://www.privateerpress.com) and paste it straight into the box. You do not need square brackets to make it a link as it is done automatically.

However putting a single pair of square brackets around the link and a space and short appropriate title inside the brackets but after the end of the link will improve the appearance drastically. An example:

[http://www.privateerpress.com The Privateer Press Website]

Displays as:

The Privateer Press Website


The above information can easily be edited when, for instance the copyright status was forgotten during the upload of the picture. To do this, find the image in the wiki and click it. You can then edit the information by using the Edit function, just as you would do with an article.

Image Check List

  • Checked that the file does not already exist on the Lexicanum
  • Selected the correct file on your computer
  • Has a suitable Destination file name
  • Given a brief but descriptive file name with internal links
  • Added the Copyright template
  • Given the exact source
  • Selected either button if necessary
    • File Uploaded
  • Added category