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Template:Help How to insert and modify images within an article.

Inserting Images

Inserting an image into an article is similar to inserting an internal link. You use two open square brackets ([[), write Image: and the name of the image you want and then close again with two close square brackets (]]). An example is: [[Image:Unknown.jpg]]

It is important to remember both the 'Image:' bit as well as the .jpg file extension. You may upload other files with file extensions such as .gif or .png.

This will then insert the image into the article. It takes careful placement within the article to get the image just right. Commonly images go in the top right hand corner of an article or within a gallery near the end (explained in Gallery Help). I will now explain what you can do with an image.

Changing Images

There are a couple of things available to you when using images. You can resize them, put them in a box and give them a caption and position them on the screen.


To resize an image, put a | (pipe) after the name of the image (i.e. [[Image:Unknown.jpg|]]) and type in the number of pixels you want the image to be. The average image should be around 3-400 pixels in size. After the pipe, write 300px or something similar (i.e. [[Image:Unknown.jpg|300px]]). You can play with the number of pixels until the picture fits well, but sometimes the image quality is affected by the size change.

Box and Caption

To give an image a box and caption, put a | (pipe) in after the image name like above and write thumb (which is short for thumbnail). This will shrink the picture but also allow you to add a caption. The picture can be resized in the method shown above. To add a caption, add another | (pipe) after the word thumb and type your caption. It doesn't need any special quotation marks and internal and external links can be used. An example would be: [[Image:Unknown.jpg|thumb|An image of something unknown]]


The most common position in Lexicanum for images is on the right, but you can put them in any of three places. To do this, add a | (pipe) after the image name and type the position you want, either left, right or center (i.e. [[Image:Unknown|right]]). This will place the image on the right.

A final word on changing images

You can use any of the above in any order you like, but the caption must be the last thing in the list, this way the computer knows what of the text it is given is the caption! An example of a full image layout is [[Image:Unknown.jpg|thumb|100px|right|An image of something unknown]], which could also be [[Image:Unknown.jpg|100px|right|thumb|An image of something unknown]].

Common problems

  • 'My image won't show!' - Have you uploaded the image? Have you writted Image: and got the complete image title, not forgetting the file extension?
  • 'My image looks awful when I resize it!' - unfortunatly there isn't a lot you can do about it. If you can resize the image before you upload it, this might help.
  • 'Can I not just link to the file location on my computer?' No, this would mean we would have to access your computer every time someone opened the article. That would be both slow and use up a lot of your computer's power!