Mad Dog

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Khador.png Mad Dog Khador.png

Khador Heavy Warjack


Weapons Twin Hammer Spikes
Height 3.33m
Weight 8.4 tons
Fuel load 324.32 kg
Fuel usage 5 hours general
55 mins combat
Chassis designer Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly
Initial service date 460 AR
The Mad Dog is one of the oldest Khadoran warjacks still in service. It was designed for the sole purpose of smashing its way through enemy formations. A veritable battering ram of steel, the Mad Dog is the bane of enemy infantry facing Khador in the field. Few Mad Dogs remain wholly functional, but some kommanders are quite partial to their use nevertheless.[1]


The Mad Dog is fitted with a modified steam engine built to produce the enormous pressure required to propel the machine headlong into the enemy. Despite the wear and tear suffered in battle, some Mad Dogs have been maintained and are still capable of moving with alarming speed. They barrel onward heedless of resistance to tread on the broken corpses of enemies caught beneath their hulking frames. Once in the fray, the Mad Dog employs its spiked gauntlets with vicious enthusiasm, crushing anything within reach. The havoc it wreaks is enough to break even the most disciplined battle line.[1]

Over the course of a long service, Mad Dogs have become increasingly unstable: both their cortexes and their modified propulsion systems have degraded to the point of unpredictability, making psychotic rampages and explosive overloads all but inevitable.[1]


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