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Skorne.png Marketh Skorne.png



Race Skorne
Gender Male
Weapons Gravitas
Birth Unknown
Aptimus Marketh is one of the most accomplished extollers in the Skorne Empire. He is so focused on the arts of ancestral magic that he prefers the company of ancestral guardians to that of the living. Though somewhat aloof, his magical prowess is unmistakable and Aptimus Marketh is frequently sought out to lend his skill to the most worthy of skorne warlocks.


Marketh has amassed a collection of powerful relics containing the sacral stones within which several of the most exalted skorne in history were stored. Among the greatest of these is Lord Tyrant Nikuvox, the ancient conqueror who stood victorious in the First War of the Hezaat River.[1]

In 608 AR, when the great ancestor Hakaar the Destroyer pledges his service to the new Supreme Archdomina Makeda, she gives Aptimus Marketh the task of speaking for him in her presence. When Makeda launches an invasion of Ios according to Hakaar's advice, Marketh is assigned to Makeda and Hakaar's army, which will thrust at the Twilight Gate, the sole entrance to Ios through its southern mountains.[2][3]

After the fall of the Twilight Gate, Marketh receives an order from the ancestors to take over multiple mines in the south, full of minerals receptive to mortitheurgy, which will allow the skorne to craft sacral stones and to fabricate especially resilient vessels for immortals and ancestral guardians. He gives this task to Lord Assassin Morghoul, though he only reveals its true purpose after Morghoul has succeeded.[4]


Marketh holds exaltation in the highest regard and believes the majority of skorne warriors are undeserving of even the secondary honour of being preserved by ancestral guardians. He believes the skorne have grown decadent and yearns for the days of antiquity, when his people produced champions worthy of immortality. By these high standards, he views the deaths of most skorne with pragmatic dispassion and feels no qualms at seizing their spiritual energy to serve his and his masters’ aims.[1]