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Megalith is the masterpiece of the Circle warlock Baldur the Stonecleaver. It walks apart and distinct from the rest of the woldwardens. Baldur has every right to be proud of such a creation, born from the tireless effort of his own hands. He crafted Megalith as an act of pride, but there is no refuting its assets on the battlefield.


The process by which Baldur constructed Megalith required considerable time and resources beyond that of other wolds. Baldur needed to carefully shape and nurture the living elements constituting Megalith’s form while sculpting enormous pieces of stone around them. He initiated the entire artifice to prove a long-held theory of blending living wood with rock. It was as much an expression of art as engineering, a contrast to the pragmatic approach Baldur typically takes when expediting other elemental constructs. He laboured for almost a month without rest while completing the most delicate stages of the final fusion.[1]

In 607 AR, after Baldur falls in battle to the Legion of Everblight, Megalith holds fast to the last thread of his life and begins the slow process of regrowing its master bit by bit. After Megalith restores Baldur’s body to life, the Devourer Wurm flings his soul back into Caen with the obligation to serve as a conduit for its power.[1][2]


The branches and vines holding Megalith's form together are still alive, and below its tread its roots sink deep into the ground, both to steady its motion and to drink from the earth to power its massive form.[1]

Megalith’s eyes glow with something greater than the will of its master, something akin to self-awareness. It is more than an echo or remnant. It sometimes wanders where it believes itself most needed, and it has a way of finding Baldur just when he requires reinforcements. After being damaged in battle the cracks along its stones seal themselves, vanishing into the granite as if it were living skin. Cracked branches in its understructure will seep sap that quickly hardens before falling away to reveal unblemished wood. Megalith can extend this restorative power to woldwardens near to it, allowing them to advance together as a wall while shrugging off inconsequential attacks.[1]

Megalith’s roots tap into the fundamental nexus of power which comprises the capillaries of Orboros, a fount of endless elemental power. With its more sophisticated and dimly conscious mind, Megalith can utilise a broader spectrum of druidic magic. By drawing on the power of Orboros, Megalith can prompt vibrant forest growth to erupt around it. When employed directly by Baldur or loaned to another blackclad, it can extend their magical will in myriad ways other woldwardens cannot.[1][3]