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Convergence.png Monitor Convergence.png

Heavy Vector


Armament Ellipsaw Flinger
Spring-spike Fist
Optical Analysis Comparator
Height 3.56m
Weight 8.5 tons
Peak Operational Duration 4.25 hours
Current Design Iteration 62
Lead Innovator Forge Master Meridian
Initial service date 453 AR
The Monitor is a heavy vector variant based on the Inverter chassis. It is considered one of the most powerful instruments of war fielded by the Convergence of Cyriss.[1]


Bearing peerless optical arrays, the Monitor can isolate and identify targets despite natural camouflage and occult techniques. Its optical system rapidly shuffles through an assemblage of lenses, each calibrated or alchemically treated to pierce the most sophisticated physical or arcane defences. After detecting its targets, the machine uses an intuitive interface to relay the data back to its controlling warcaster, who calculates the most accurate trajectories possible for the Monitor’s ellipsaw flinger.[1]

The ellipsaw flinger hurls spinning saw blades that strike with tremendous force. Each blade can be induced to alter its axis of rotation in mid-flight thanks to customised internal accelerator wheels, allowing the blades to strike targets at angles of vulnerability. In addition, the Monitor wields a powerful spring-spike fist backed by an ingenious counter-recoil mechanism that captures excess force to reseat itself to fire repeatedly. Each activation of the fist’s spring coils sends the spike forward with tremendous speed and force that rapidly neutralises the immediate threat.[1]