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Skorne.png Mordikaar Skorne.png

Void Seer


Race Skorne (Malzash)
Gender Male
Weapons Eidolon
Birth Unknown
Void Seer Mordikaar is a skorne mystic who has, in one way or another, managed to defy death itself. His very existence is a walking contradiction to the most deeply held skorne beliefs.

Physical Characteristics

Since his return to the death, Mordikaar has been attached to a yawning chasm to the Void, a seeping wound in reality. Void spirits periodically claw their way through this gateway into Caen to haunt him. Mordikaar casually deals with them, either banishing or binding them into his service.[1]


Before his death, Mordikaar was a well-respected but inscrutable mortitheurge. He plumbed the secrets of Malphas and ventured into the forbidden ruins. He even investigated a heresy proclaiming that Voskune, Ishoul and Kaleed - the 'Self-Exalted Trinity' - never fell into the Void but persisted past death by force of will alone. Mordikaar's occult research took him in a radical direction: the pursuit of exaltation without sacral stones which he believes to be only a half-measure.[1]

Mordikaar doesn't speak of the events that led to his death, and by all rights he should have been dead. His soul was torn from his body and hurled into the Void, yet he, by sheer determination and singular occult knowledge, pulled himself back to Caen to live again. There's no question he's still alive - his lungs still breathe, his heart still beats - instead of undead like the genzoul or kovaas.[1]

When Supreme Archdominar Vinter Raelthorne IV launches the second skorne invasion of western Immoren, Lord Tyrant Hexeris, a skilled mortitheurge, visits Mordikaar's hermitage in Malphas and successfully persuades him into joining the Army of the Western Reaches. Following the death of the dragon Pyromalfic at the Castle of the Keys and Archdomina Makeda's return west to overthrow Vinter, Mordikaar receives the dragon's bones and establishes a new laboratory at the battle site to see the connection between dragon blight and Mordikaar's inexplicable chasm to the Void. He discovers the dragon blight can accelerate the frequency Mordikaar could drag void spirits from beyond and bind them into service of the Army of the Western Reaches.[2][1]

In one of his working sessions, Mordikaar receives a message from Supreme Aptimus Zaal, informing him of another dragon, Scaefang, approaching the Castle of the Keys. Mordikaar hastily orders the evacuation of the fortification, though by the time he received the message the dragon is already circling over the Castle of the Keys. In his search for Pyromalfic, Scaefang kills many skorne defenders and collapses Mordikaar's laboratory until he departs.[1]

Immediately after the departure of the dragon, Mohsar leads an army of wolds to raid the Castle of the Keys. He manages to corner Mordikaar, but before he can kill him Mordikaar coerces Mohsar not to, proclaiming devastation will befall the land with his death. As Mohsar prepares to bring Mordikaar away, Dominar Rasheth comes to his aid, forcing Mohsar to retreat.[1]

The highest-ranking leaders gather to report the attacks on the Castle of the Keys formally several weeks later, when Supreme Archdomina Makeda and the bulk of the Army of the Western Reaches return from the difficult desert crossing. Makeda is pleased with how Mordikaar handled the attacks, and speaks of making him a tyrant, while Supreme Aptimus Zaal recommends Mordikaar against staying at the Castle of the Keys.[1]

When Makeda learns from Zaal of some occult ritual of tremendous power is about to be invoked at a site northwest of Scarleforth Lake, whose successful completion will have a catastrophic impact on all skorne western holdings, she sends Mordikaar with an army to circle and strike from the west while she attacks from the east. As Mordikaar's army approaches the site, he is sent hurling through the desert thousands of kilometres to the southeast, throwing his army into disarray.[3]

For many months Mordikaar traverses the Bloodstone Desert, crossing the inhospitable wastes while his body languishes in such suffering that would have killed most mortals. Despite his mastery in mortitheurgy, the total lack of food and water multiplies the challenge of the task until he finds Despoiler and draws upon the energy of the beast to invigorate himself. Witnessing a strange anomaly in the Void portal attached to him, Mordikaar decides not to return to the Castle of the Keys, instead choosing to head north to a smaller outpost so he could devote his attention to finding the source of the irregularity.[4]

Arriving at Tyrant's Lash, Mordikaar requisitions two full taberna of Praetorians and Venators from the ranking primus to serve as his escort. Before he leaves, a deranged extoller tells him that the ancestors demand him to stop his chase, which will be his undoing, but Mordikaar pays him no heed, knocks the extoller out cold, then moves on.[4]

When witnessing a battle between the trollbloods and the Circle Orboros, Mordikaar feels the portal swelling and reshaping itself. Through the portal, the Devourer Wurm enters Caen, and Mordikaar is drawn into the maw of the terrible beast. His fate is unknown after Hoarluk Doomshaper and the omnipotents of the Circle successfully manage to banish the Wurm back to Urcaen, though if any mortal can escape such a death, it would be the void seer.[4]