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Cryx.png Mortenebra Cryx.png

Master Necrotech


Race Iron lich
Gender Female
Weapons Scavengers
Birth c. 285 AR
Master Necrotech Mortenebra, real name Lucidia, is a former follower of the goddess Cyriss that has since become apostate and turned into the service of Cryx. Cryxian necrotechs look upon Mortenebra with almost religious adoration as a paragon of their craft.


At a young age Lucidia joined a cult of Cyriss based in the Foundry of Enumeration in the Wyrmwall Mountains, and was responsible for the creation of the first vectors, the Galvanizer. In 335 AR, she joined the team working on the Anima Corpus Procedure, a project to transfer a soul into the body of a machine, and was responsible for most of the innovative work on the project. She eventually reached the rank of forge master, the second-highest leader in the temple second only to Fluxion Helicratus.[1]

When the newly-ordained Enumerator Ghil Lucant joined her team, he sought her out to learn some of the more advanced fabrication methods employed by her team. She was pleased at his interest and they developed a good rapport.[1]

As the team slowly sought to perfect the process, Lucidia became increasingly dissatisfied with the progress: the soul that was to be inhabiting the clockwork vessel failed to stick to it and always moved to Urcaen. She became convinced of innate problems within the leadership of the cult, and she proclaimed the process unready as others clamored to begin, creating a growing rift between herself and the cult.[1]

Lucidia finally identified the flaw that so troubled her: the creations did not possess true free will. Some external force exercised a subtle but undeniable control over the translated consciousness. Helicratus accused her of paranoia when she presented her findings and dismissed her conclusions as nothing less than the palpable guiding hand of Cyriss.[1]

Undeterred by their platitudes, Lucidia decided on a more radical approach: seek answers by experimenting on an iron lich of Cryx, which to her analytical mind were the closest parallel to their own work. She chose her prey carefully and recruited Lucant and fourteen other guards and engineers. Rumours of a buried Orgoth library succeeded in gaining the attention of the iron lich Lorvetus who obligingly took the bait. The ensuing battle against the iron lich saw five dead and two wounded, although in the end the mission was a success. Lucidia asked Lucant to bring the dead and wounded back to the Foundry, only informing they fell in her service, while she continued her research at her hidden laboratory.[1][2]

Fascinated by the creature’s necrotechnology, Lucidia slowly dissected Lorvetus, taking it apart piece by piece until she was able to isolate, extract, and examine its animating spirit. Nearly a month later, she had Helicratus gather all the priests in a gathering where she intended a demonstration.[1]

Lucidia brought in the body of the iron lich and announced to the priests the necromantic technology of Cryx had solved the very dilemma they're currently facing, awakening a widening ripple of agitated murmurs among the clergy. She then prepared to demonstrate her findings by reactivating the inert body of the iron lich with a soul chamber she's carrying in her hand, but Helicratus and the other priests interrupted and secured her. When Helicratus accused her of heresy and submitted she be made apostate, Lucidia asked Lucant to speak for reason - a person of Lucidia’s rank could be declared apostate only by the unanimous agreement of all enumerators and the ranking fluxion of a temple. With all the others having agreed, Lucant declared Lucidia guilty, and Helicratus cast her out of the temple. Two months later, she secretly sent Lucant a series of writings, a compilation of research conducted after her interrogation and examination of the iron lich.[1]

Unbeknownst to the cult, she retained loyal minions within the organization, and these agents conspired against their superiors. In 363 AR, a short time after Lucant perfected the process and successfully transferred Helicratus into a clockwork vessel, Lucidia led an army of thralls to attack the Foundry of Enumeration. She deactivated the guardians and killed everyone except for Lucant, whom she forgave for speaking against her. She seized Helicratus as her captive and fled to Cryx.[1][2]

Exploiting information gleaned from her examination and interrogation of Lorvetus, Lucidia offered everything she knew to the lords of Blackwater in exchange for asylum. As the necrotechs were dismantling Helicratus, she listened to his curses with clinical disdain, recalling how her own servitors had once dismantled Lorvetus. In time she began to apply her theories to her own form and began the slow process of transformation into an iron lich.[2]

Most of Mortenebra's efforts have been directed by Lich Lord Morbus, who is responsible for the war industry of the Nightmare Empire. Her vast factories have fuelled the war efforts of Lich Lords Terminus and Daeamortus on the mainland.[2]

In 608 AR, Mortenebra moves to the mainland to oversee the operational details of the newly-established Cryxian necrofactorium under the Thornwood. She exponentially increases production of these facilities, which are equal part factory and surgical theatre. Mortenebra endlessly haunts the vast factories and workshops, inspecting and modifying assembly lines and warjacks. She delegates responsibilities to a number of her favored necrotechs, each of whom is responsible for specific portions of the facilities. Following Morbus' destruction a short time after he arrives in the Thornwood, Mortenebra starts to handle the balance of his responsibilities.[2]


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