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Cryx.png Nightwretch Cryx.png

Cryx Bonejack


Weapons Doomspitter
Arc Node
Height 1.93m
Weight 2.6 tons
Fuel load 19.96 kg (necrotite)
39.92 kg (coal)
Fuel usage 17 hours general
2.75 hours combat
Chassis designer Unknown
Initial service date Unknown
The Nightwretch is a Cryxian bonejack, variant of the common Deathripper chassis. They are unleashed on the enemy to blast apart those who cluster together too closely — an instinctive reaction of terrified mortals cruelly exploited by Cryxian necrotechs.


The Nightwretch was created by the end of the Scharde Invasions by necrotechs who exchanged the Defiler’s sludge cannon for a deadly doomspitter. During their test run in 590 AR on the Cygnaran coast south of New Larkholm, they were mistaken as Defilers by the Cygnaran long gunners. Unaware that they faced a new weapon, they stood shoulder to shoulder as trained. These men had only a moment to consider the unfamiliar look of the new Nightwretches before their cannons reduced the entire company to a smouldering heap of flesh flayed from bone.[1][2]


The Nightwretch is a variant of the Deathripper armed with a small doomspitter cannon set into the head. Carrying a particularly volatile mixture of lead shot and alchemical waste by-products, the projectiles explode with a concussive blast that could be heard for miles, blast smoking holes in enemy lines and hammer enemy warjacks with vile materials. Its arc node allows Cryxian warcasters to channel their destructive magic directly towards the enemy commanders.[1][2]

While simpler than the cortexes of mainland light warjacks, the consciousnesses of bonejacks give them a low, bloodthirsty cunning and cruelty that both serves their battlefield roles and suits their masters’ inclinations. A Nightwretch can be quickly constructed by a necrotech in a few days with proper materials, and their ammunition can be easily manufactured in secret from the Iron Kingdoms' unwatched corpses and industrial waste.[2]


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