Oleg Strakhov

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Race Human (Khard)
Gender Male
Weapons Trench Sword
Riot Gun
Cinder Bombs
Birth Unknown
Kommander Oleg Strakhov is a Khadoran black ops warcaster and the current commander of the Assault Kommandos. Few soldiers are as hated and feared by the Motherland’s enemies as Strakhov. This is the man the High Kommand turns to for the execution of its most dangerous missions, for if he cannot succeed the task is impossible. Strakhov takes pride in the fact that he has never refused a mission, no matter how dangerous. Although he prefers to rely on his physical superiority, his potent arcane abilities have been refined to aid him in the shock assaults in which he excels.


Strakhov has served Khador for nearly two decades, but the details of his service were largely unknown except to a select few within the High Kommand until the invasion of Llael. Strakhov spends the opening weeks of the invasion systematically eradicating Llael’s most competent commanders and warcasters. One of his more significant accomplishments is the elimination of the Umbrean Lord General Alreg Vladirov and his entire command in a well-orchestrated ambush. Vladirov's disappearance early in the war delivers a major blow to Llaelese forces. His fate is unknown until years later when Llaelese Resistance operatives find his signet ring among the remains in a mass grave outside Leryn.[1]

A few hours before the end of the Llaelese War, Strakhov infiltrates the city of Merywyn with his battlegroup and detonates several major ammunition depots as Kommandant Gurvaldt Irusk begin his final assault, throwing the defenders into chaos and paving the way for Khador’s victory.[1]

Once the invasion of Llael transitions from war to occupation, Strakhov is assigned to help further modernise the Khadoran Army. His suggestions lead to the formation of the Assault Kommandos, whom he would lead. Irusk then appoints Strakhov to train the Kommando officer corps and forge them in his image.[1]

Throughout 605 AR, Strakhov leads the Assault Kommandos in countless battles against Cygnaran forces occupying the trenches surrounding Northguard. There his men inflict untold casualties on the Trenchers opposing him. The Assault Kommandos are instrumental in overrunning Cygnar’s forward positions at the onset of Irusk’s final attack on Northguard in 607 AR.[1]

In 608 AR, Strakhov joins Irusk and Alexander Karchev in the two attacks on Point Bourne. Through information gleaned from a captured Cygnaran engineer, Strakhov leads a team of operatives to seize a secret control room and raise a stable bridge across the Dragon's Tongue river, allowing Karchev and the Khadoran warjacks to bypass the heavily-fortified existing bridge. While Irusk and Karchev set out to subdue the city, Strakhov heads north across the river to ensure the northern trenches outside the breach were secured.[1][2]

Shortly afterward, a Cryxian army suddenly raids the city while the Khadorans are not ready. Grievously wounded by the enemy, Strakhov is ordered by Karchev to warn Irusk and muster the army while he holds the line. However, the undead swarm so quickly into the streets that Irusk and Strakhov have to conclude Karchev was overrun. The Cryxians take over the northern section of the city, forcing the Khadorans to retreat to the south and strike a ceasefire with an incoming Cygnaran army against their mutual enemy.[2][3]

During the next Cryxian attack, Strakhov sees Karchev in the middle of the Cryxian army, still alive and being strapped to a helljack. However, despite Strakhov's insistences, Irusk orders him to stay instead of falling into Asphyxious' trap - Karchev knows his duty and does not wish to be rescued at the moment.[3]

Strakhov later participates in a joint assault on the Cryxian necrofactorium in the Thornwood alongside Irusk, Sorscha Kratikoff and their Cygnaran and Rhulic allies, where both Cygnar and Khador unveil their newest weapons - the Stormwall and Conquest. However, they are turned back by Cryx and their very own colossals, the Kraken. Following the battle, Strakhov manages to infiltrate the necrofactorium, wrapping darkness around himself employing the magic of occultation, which renders him all but invisible.[3]

Inside the facility, Strakhov hears the tone of an old Khadoran song and through it manages to find Alexander Karchev encased in a twisted mockery of his old life-sustaining apparatus. Strakhov wakes Karchev up and explains to him Irusk and the Khadoran army have withdrawn. Karchev asks Strakhov to kill him to prevent Cryx from turning him against the Motherland. However, Strakhov adamantly refuses, promising to get him free. When the Cryxians return, Strakhov quickly conceals himself behind the machinery.[4]

For many weeks, Strakhov stays in the necrofactorium in a desperate bid to rescue Karchev, sustaining himself with the foul but edible substance the cephalyx use to feed their drudges. Strakhov comes back to see Karchev a few more times, and when Karchev is lucid enough, he asks Strakhov to kill him, and every time Strakhov refuses or deflects the request, asserting that he would find a way to free Karchev and return him to the fight against Khador’s enemies.[4][5]

During his explorations, Strakhov comes upon chambers where recently captured prisoners undergo the horrific surgery that transforms them into mindless drudges. Among these prisoners are three Khadoran battle mechaniks waylaid in the last engagement. He leads them to the junkyard in the necrofactorium, where they find a damaged Grolar chassis and a functional cortex of Khadoran manufacture. From there, the mechaniks manage to build a makeshift replacement for Karchev's warjack frame. Strakhov then leads the mechaniks and the chassis to Karchev, who is then successfully integrated inside it. Together, they flee the necrofactorium.[5]

When they reach the still-intact central engine chamber of the necrofactorium, realising Irusk has failed in his attempt to take it out, Karchev harnesses all of his power to destroy it. Though the explosion heavily damages Karchev's frame and causes his life support system to fail, Strakhov manages bring him back to the Khadoran line through the hordes of undead. Strakhov orders the men to prepare surgeons and mechaniks and convinces Karchev to retire to the rear for critical repairs. However, Karchev refuses to listen until Strakhov convinces him the battle has swung clearly in the Khadorans' favour.[5]


Strakhov is a consummate soldier and lives to test himself to the limits. The combination of his ruthlessness and tactical genius has earned him notoriety among Khador’s enemies. Despite the respect Irusk has for him, Strakhov occasionally raises his ire. On more than one occasion, Strakhov has devised and executed dangerous and high-profile operations against the enemy without waiting for approval from the High Kommand. Only the overwhelming success of these missions has kept Irusk from formally reprimanding him. Strakhov and his ’jacks launch brutal strikes against enemy positions, hurling themselves into the midst of trenches and pillboxes to slaughter the enemy before they can react. With each engagement, Strakhov changes the face of warfare in the Iron Kingdoms to match his vision of bloody excellence.[1]


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