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The-retribution-of-scyrah.png Phoenix The-retribution-of-scyrah.png

Heavy Myrmidon


Armament Thermal Blade
Halo Cannon
Phoenix Field
Arc Node
Height 4.06m
Weight 6.5 tons
Operational duration 2.25 hours
Artificer House Shyeel
The Phoenix is a myrmidon designed to be a supreme weapon of war, in particular one that would be worthy of the Dawnguard and stand as a visible embodiment of their order. It has been quickly accepted within the military of the Retribution of Scyrah and has earned a reputation as a premier myrmidon well worth its cost. In the Phoenix, House Shyeel has created a formidable and elegantly designed masterpiece of warfare.[1]


The Phoenix was designed to deliver its arc node directly to the heart of the enemy. It extends a warcaster’s reach and therefore his power on the battlefield. Unlike the elusive Chimera, the Phoenix has the durability and power to advance at the vanguard of an attacking force, ready to deliver fiery retaliation on any enemy foolish enough to try to intercept it. Its blazing power field pours blue-white heat into its surroundings as liquid fire ignites along its massive thermal blade. Able to regenerate itself in the course of combat, the power field can send a surge of energy to ignite the surrounding air and burn its enemies to ash. In battle, the Phoenix is a blazing embodiment of Iosan power.[1]


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