Prime Axiom

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Convergence.png Prime Axiom Convergence.png

Colossal Vector

Prime Axiom.png

Armament Tow Cable Launcher
Drill Vice
Accelespiker Sphere
Servitor Launch Bay
Height 10.06m
Weight 75 tons
0 when active
Peak Operational Duration 4.25 hours
Current Design Iteration 31
Lead Innovator Constellation Fabrication Innovation Array
Initial service date 493 AR
The Prime Axiom is among the mightiest vectors ever devised by the forge masters of the Convergence of Cyriss. The Prime Axiom’s aggregate of servitors, heavy armor, and versatile weaponry makes it the equal of any threat yet conceived on Caen. Its multiple weapons rip through troops, dismantle warjacks, and send servitors deep into the heart of battle.[1]


Originally conceived as a temple guardian, the Prime Axiom has long served as one of the most important weapons in the Convergence’s arsenal. Significant resources have been allocated to improving it over numerous iterations. Most Prime Axioms were built not by a single workshop, but rather by several installations tasked with fabricating components to be assembled at major locations such as the Temple of the Prime Harmonic.[1]

For more than a century, Prime Axioms have guarded Convergence secret installations from outsiders; until recently, none who had stumbled upon a Prime Axiom had ever survived to speak of it. Only now that the Convergence’s agenda has brought the sect into open conflict has it begun to deploy Prime Axioms against those who would oppose the Great Work.[1]


The earliest Prime Axiom iterations were ambulatory but relatively slow given the tremendous power demands placed on overburdened supplies. Improvements to the arcane displacer drive, however, allowed its integration into the Prime Axiom, granting the vector not only greater flexibility in motion but also increased potential range of action. The thrum of energy cycling through its systems is nearly deafening as the machine hovers over the battlefield.[1]

The Prime Axiom also benefits from several advancements in Convergence metallurgy making use of steel alloys that are considerably harder but lighter than those available to the armies of the Iron Kingdoms. Foremost among the Prime Axiom’s weapons systems are the massive drill vices. These grasping fists terminate in diamond-hard drills capable of piercing any known alloy, allowing the Prime Axiom to penetrate the vulnerable innards of warjacks.[1]

A pair of telescoping, harpoon-like tow cables mounted in the chassis further augments the Prime Axiom's close combat capabilities. They are tipped with perforating spikes made from the same alloy as the drill vices and can be fired at significant range to breach armour and drag targets into the drill vices' reach.[1]

The Prime Axiom also boasts the accelespiker, which allows it to engage infantry while the drill vices take apart more challenging targets. The accelespiker sits recessed in the main hull, which stores a reserve of super-dense metal spikes used as ammunition. Its sophisticated launching mechanism spins through thousands of rotations each second, halting at precise intervals chosen by the warcaster to hurl volleys of spikes. So great is its accuracy that a warcaster can pepper a single target with multiple spikes or lay waste to a small area.[1]

The Prime Axiom’s stores of deployable servitors multiply its potential force far beyond the expectation of the enemy. The vector’s lower pivots and chassis are studded with bays containing a host of servitors. Throughout the battle a warcaster can launch servitors chosen to suit the situation.[1]