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Khador.png Rager Khador.png

Khador Heavy Warjack


Weapons Shield Cannon
Height 3.33m
Weight 8.4 tons
Fuel load 324.32 kg
Fuel usage 5 hours general
55 mins combat
Chassis designer Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly
Initial service date 463 AR (refitted with shield cannon 522 AR)
The Rager is an ageing warjack in the Khadoran arsenal. While few Ragers remain in service today, they continue to demonstrate the same steadfast resolve and loyalty as when they first set foot on the battlefield. That they endure is a testament to the strength and resilience of Khadoran engineering.[1]


While not as prone to the violent outbursts as some other ancient Khadoran machines, the Rager is inclined toward fierce overprotectiveness and will throw itself upon any perceived threat to its master without hesitation. It is for this reason that many Khadoran warcasters, particularly veterans, still find a place for the Rager in their battlegroups, though they keep the machine at arm’s length given its increasing tendency toward destructive overloads.[1]

The Rager was designed with a heavy shield cannon of the sort used by Man-O-War shock troopers, lending it a strong defence without depriving it of a second weapon. Rather than hacking into the enemy with reckless abandon, the Rager employs a more measured fighting style, making careful use of its sword and shield.[1]


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