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Cryx.png Reaper Cryx.png

Cryx Helljack


Weapons Harpoon
Height 3.61m
Weight 6.5 tons
Fuel load 39.92 kg (necrotite)
88.904 kg (coal)
Fuel usage 10 hours general
1.5 hours combat
Chassis designer Unknown
Initial service date Unknown
The Reaper helljack is a hulking creature of bone and steel with blackened armour that houses a cortex thirsting for death. It is one of the most terrible inventions to emerge from the necrofactoriums of Cryx.


The Reaper stalks the battlefield with the single-minded determination of a vicious hunter. With a thunderous report and the grinding peel of uncoiling chain, the Reaper fires its harpoon to sink deep into flesh or steel. With frightening speed, it reels its victim to within striking range of its helldriver, a vicious mechanikal spike of tempered steel driven by a wickedly powerful piston. Capable of punching through iron plate, the helldriver generates enough force to pierce boiler casings, rend gears, and reduce enemy warjacks to scrap.[1]

The Reaper’s furnace is powered by the remnants of life trapped within its necrotite fuel. Necrotechs insist they run best on necrotite scavenged directly from the battlefield.[1]


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