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The-protectorate-of-menoth.png Reckoner The-protectorate-of-menoth.png

Protectorate Heavy Warjack

Reckoner art.png

Weapons Consecrator (Right arm)
Condemner (Left arm)
Height 3.66 meters/12 feet
Weight 8.6 tons
Fuel load 322 kg/710 lbs
Fuel usage 5.5 hours general
1 hour combat
Chassis designer Sul-Menite artificers
Initial service date 604 AR
The Reckoner is a heavy warjack manufactured by Protectorate of Menoth artificers.[1]


Unlike earlier chassis such as the Crusader, the Reckoner is the first steamjack built entirely on Protectorate soil by the hands of the faithful as well as being the first to be built solely as a warjack[1]. While it was initially built in secret they are now an icon of Protectorate military might.

The Reckoner's variants include the Castigator and the Sanctifier.

One particular Reckoner, named Refuter of Heresy, has developed an affinity for Vice Scrutator Vindictus, who personally oversees the maintenance of the warjack as well as commanding it in battle.[1]


Despite being both heavier in weight and just as thickly armoured as other Protectorate heavy warjacks, the Reckoner can maintain a greater top speed due to being built with more modern technology.

Its primary weapon is the Condemner, a medium-ranged cannon that fires specially built rounds that mark a target, making it easier for its allies to hit it, as well as occasionally bursting the target into flames. It is also armed with a consecrator mace, a massive melee weapon that partially obscures the Reckoner and those standing nearby in a cloud of incense.[1]


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