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Mercenaries.png Renegade Mercenaries.png

Mercenaries Light Warjack


Weapons Shredder
Obliterator Rocket
Reconstructed Arc Node
Height 2.62m
Weight 3.75 tons
Fuel load 151.95 kg
Fuel usage 6 hours general
65 mins combat
Chassis designer Engines East / Cygnaran Armory / Magnus the Traitor
Initial service date 599 AR
The Renegade is a warjack designed by the Cygnaran renegade general and warcaster Asheth Magnus. It is a testament to his intuitive skill with mechanika.[1]


The Renegade was designed and assembled in rotting barns and remote caves by Magnus in the first years of his exile, based on the chassis of decommissioned Cygnaran warjacks. The first Renegade’s saw blades were salvaged from junkyards, but Magnus improved upon them in later iterations after seizing an estate in Ternon Crag, part of which he transformed into a private factory.[1]


The Renegade's shredder scrapsaw can tear into even the toughest of metals. In addition, it is armed with a powerful obliterator rocket capable of sending troops flying, limited by only having one rocket and the cost of the payload. The obliterator’s alchemical payload is quite expensive, but its utility is undeniable. The most impressive feature of the Renegade is its arc node. Arc nodes are very complex, hard to manufacture, and tend to be fragile. Only Magnus' genius allows him to salvage damaged nodes and repair them.[1]


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