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The-protectorate-of-menoth.png Repenter The-protectorate-of-menoth.png

Protectorate Light Warjack


Weapons Flamethrower
War Flail
Height 3m
Weight 4.25 tons
Fuel load 74.84 kg
Fuel usage 7 hours general
75 minutes combat
Chassis designer Engines East
Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly (modified by Sul-Menite artificers)
Initial service date 533 AR
The Repenter is the mainstay light warjack used by the Protectorate of Menoth. This warjack was first used to police the borders of the Protectorate by bringing scourging flames to bear against any who dared to trespass. The Repenter is a favoured vehicle for delivering Menoth’s wrath to any enemies who defy his will.


The Repenter is armed with a great three-headed flail and flamethrower, a projection system for Menoth's Fury. The first flamethrower model was little more than a pipe and an ignition system attached to a reservoir with a simple pump, but newer versions utilise fanning spray nozzles and refined mechanikal systems to propel the flame a considerable distance. The new pump prevents a problem from earlier models where the Repenter would sometimes catch on fire and explode. The latest weapon foregoes an external igniter and instead vents superheated heartfire directly into the fuel. The Repenter is outfitted with the crudest and least refined supply of Menoth’s Fury, as it is readily available in quantity.[1]

Arguably as important as the damage wrought by this fire is the impact of a Repenter’s blaze on enemy morale. Those of weak faith who face the Protectorate in battle have no fortitude for seeing their friends burned alive, screaming in terror while allies try desperately to extinguish the flames.[1]

The Repenter's variants include the Redeemer, the Revenger and the Vigilant.[1]


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