Retribution of Scyrah

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Retribution of Scyrah

Retribution Flag

Leader: Relvinor Luynmyr
Common name: Retribution
Pronunciation: SIGH-rah
Capital: N/A
Formation: 330 AR
Government: Oligarchy
Population: N/A
Currency: Nyos
Other names: N/A
Demonym: Retribution
Official language: Shyr
Other languages: Aeric

The Retribution of Scyrah is a zealous and formerly outlawed splinter sect of the Fane of Scyrah within the nation of Ios devoted to stopping the proliferation of human magic. Recently, however, news that the Iosan god Nyssor is held captive in Khador stoked the embers of violence into a roaring flame set to consume the nations of man. Now those who support the Retribution’s cause hold power in Ios, and their collected armies march forth to war.


The Retribution of Scyrah emerged in 330 AR alongside the Seekers, after the Fane of Scyrah announced the plight of their goddess. Seeing the coincidence of the timing of the Gift of Sorcery among humans (140 BR) and the Rivening (124 BR), they deduced the only hope of restoring Scyrah is through the elimination of human magic and its practitioners. They established hidden bases throughout the human kingdoms for use in the planning and execution of surgical strikes.[1]

Not long after the official founding of the Seekers and the Retribution of Scyrah, both sects were outlawed. Both the hallytyr and the Fane of Scyrah clearly hoped to quash them before they could take root, but numerous citizens had heard their call and devoted themselves to their causes. The exiled sects continued their secret work, and Scyrah continued to weaken. In this time the Retribution of Scyrah began to speak of the Consulate Court with open disdain, and such opinions were echoed even in the halls of power.[1]

Military Forces of the Retribution

The military forces of the Retribution are provided by two of the five Great Military Houses: Nyarr and Ellowuyr, who dedicate the vast majority of their resources and populations to their military forces. Each house specializes in its own brand of warfare as well as supporting general troops, and any conflict with one of the Military Houses will see the deployment of their own corps of elite warriors.[1]

House Nyarr's military forces are built around the Dawnguard, heavy infantry trained to fight closely alongside their myrmidons. They make extensive use of marshals to control myrmidons alongside their squads of infantry, which is primarily made up of Invictors and Sentinels. The Invictors make up the backbone of Nyarr forces and carry heavy sword cannons that allow them to seamlessly switch between ranged and melee combat. Sentinels are the shock troops of the Dawnguard forces and carry heavy greatswords of advanced Iosan steel.

House Ellowuyr trains the finest swordsmen in Ios. Their devotion to the blade is absolute and the skill of their infantry is unmatched in Ios. With their rival Nyarr throwing their full weight behind the Retribution's cause House Ellowuyr has recently deployed one of their few warcasters, Thyron, Sword of Truth, to the field as a test before they commit fully.

Warcasters of the Retribution

Retribution Myrmidons

Light Heavy Colossal