Rhyas Shyvess

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Legion-of-everblight.png Rhyas Shyvess Legion-of-everblight.png

Sigil of Everblight


Race Nyss
Gender Female
Weapons Antiphon
Birth Unknown
Rhyas is the identical twin of Saeryn and one of the warlocks serving the dragon Everblight. Rhyas is the more bold and brutal, as swift and deadly with a blade as her sister is with her mind. While both possessed the power of sorcery from birth, this gift served only to allow Rhyas certain tricks and sleights while pursuing her love of the blade.


Rhyas was raised in the insular Shyvess shard who followed their own customs and kept to themselves so stringently that even other Nyss perceived them as peculiar. For this reason, the twins refused Vayl Hallyr when she attempted to recruit them as pupils, sensing something amiss in the sorceress’ overtures.[1]

When Thagrosh is coming to the Shyvess, Saeryn tells Rhyas to slaughter every single person in the shard to prevent them from being enslaved and corrupted by the dragon. Rhyas cuts down those who had raised her and deliberately freezes her heart against their pleas, assured by the mental bond she shared with her sister that the killing is necessary. The twins finish their grisly work and lie in wait for Thagrosh.[1]

In truth the massacre is not out of mercy as Rhyas believes, but to harden and shape her into an unbridled weapon for Everblight. When Thagrosh comes, Rhyas’ speed and skill take him entirely by surprise. Just as Rhyas’ blade is about to decapitate him, Saeryn unexpectedly stays her hand. After letting Thagrosh know how close he had come to death, Saeryn offers up both herself and Rhyas to the Prophet. Despite the ease with which they shared one another’s thoughts, Rhyas can't perceive her sister’s plans, though her absolute trust and faith in Saeryn lead her to accept Everblight’s athanc shard alongside her sister.[1]

In 607 AR, Saeryn and Rhyas are sent to the Castle of the Keys to recover the athanc shard of the fellow warlock Lylyth after she was ambushed by blighted Iosans, servants of Everblight's brother Pyromalfic. They manage to find and rescue Lylyth, and together they flee the Castle of the Keys, knew that very soon they will return in force.[1]

The Legion of Everblight soon march against the skorne defenders of the Castle of the Keys. Saeryn and Rhyas direct their force against the attacking Circle Orboros, and manage to drive their warlocks away, while Thagrosh and a small group descend into the Castle to find Pyromalfic.[1]

As Pyromalfic, discovered by Thagrosh, rises from his lair and descends upon the Legion, Saeryn directs all of their dragonspawn - angelii, seraphim and harriers - to attack the dragon. Pyromalfic's claws rip through them with ease, but there were too many, and Pyromalfic falls towards the courtyard. From the ramparts, Rhyas leaps into the courtyard and carves out Pyromalfic's athanc.[1]

After Thagrosh swallows the athanc of Pyromalfic, Saeryn and Rhyas carve a path through both the Circle and the skorne forces while Vayl and Lylyth coordinate their army's retreat. Everblight only speaks once, informing them of his intention to reach Ios.[1][2]

At the Glimmerwood, Everblight directs them to split their forces. Vayl and Saeryn would take Thagrosh through the tunnels to the passage under Ios to the mountains beyond, while Rhyas and Lylyth would take the troops and dragonspawn and lead their pursuers in other directions.[2]

The Legion army is harassed by the Circle Orboros as they circle through Llael to reach the mountains between Ios and Rhul. Rhyas and Lylyth lead the Circle on a merry chase, thoroughly confounding them while pushing ever closer to reunion with Thagrosh. The main Legion army divide and confuse the Circle pursuit several times, although the main force regroup each time and keep driving forward with surprising obstinacy. Sensing Absylonia's reinforcements coming, Rhyas heads off to join Absylonia while Lylyth stays behind with her archers to harass and maintain pressure on the enemy to keep them off balance.[2]

After the last Circle army is routed, Rhyas, Lylyth and Absylonia are reunited with Thagrosh, Vayl and Saeryn in their new base in Rhul. When they feel a sharp pain, Everblight announces to them that Blighterghast has sent a summons and tried to exclude him. He thinks the dragons are called not because Toruk stirs, but because of himself.[2]

A short time after, when the Legion army is at the Kovosk Hills in Khador, Lylyth discovers a Cryxian column transporting a mysterious object which Everblight deduces as an athanc. Saeryn and Rhyas are tasked with leading the initial strike, but everyone expected they would be insufficient to recover the prize without additional support, so instead they track the column through the Thornwood, fighting Khadoran patrols in the way before being delayed by the Circle near the Ordic border.[3][4]


Rhyas stands with the upper tier of Everblight’s chosen who obey the dictates of Thagrosh. She understands that she and her sister have a special place in the Legion of Everblight. As the dragon’s Sigil, Rhyas embodies his deadly will, while her sister is the Omen of his coming. She fully believes this is the destiny for which she was born and sees the massacre of her own shard a necessary baptism. The twins go forth to battle the Legion’s enemies, to sow terror and chaos, and to undermine the faiths of all who oppose them. Rhyas paints her master’s sigil in the screams of the dying and in fountains of blood spraying from her victims.[1]