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Mercenaries.png Rocinante Mercenaries.png

Mercenaries Heavy Warjack


Weapons Cannon
Battle Blade
Height 3.68m
Weight 8.3 tons
Fuel load 312.98kg
Fuel usage 5 hours general
55 mins combat
Chassis designer Engines East
Initial service date 481 AR
Rocinante is an old warjack that has served the Damiano family of mercenaries for generations. Rocinante has developed a few quirks over the years, one being an interest in children, and another being its 'watch dog' attitude toward anyone who appears remotely hostile toward a Damiano.


Originally a Nomad, Rocinante was first acquired by Lucian Damiano, the Ordic captain who started the Damiano mercenary tradition. It was modified it into its present form by the first warcaster of the family, Cervantes. Cervantes’ career brought great fame and fortune to the family before Rocinante eventually passed to its current owner, Cervantes' grandson Captain Amador Damiano of the Steelhead Mercenary Company.[1]

Upon the completion of his training Amador Damiano refuelled Rocinante and ignited its furnace. The warjack roared to life for the first time in over a decade, responding to its new master as though it had served him for years. Amador's appearance is blurred to Rocinante's ancient cortex, and as far as it's concerned, he is none other than the same Damiano who was the first to take it under his control.[1]


The Damianos have painstakingly maintained Rocinante. Its plates gleam with the family’s ancient mottos, such as 'Blood shines gold', 'Sworn word, sworn deed', and 'No strike left unpaid'. Its cannon stems from the days of Cervantes Damiano, who commissioned the weapon.[1]


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