Saeryn Shyvess

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Legion-of-everblight.png Saeryn Shyvess Legion-of-everblight.png

Omen of Everblight


Race Nyss
Gender Female
Weapons Deathspurs
Staff of Shyvess
Birth Unknown
Saeryn is the identical twin of Rhyas and one of the warlocks serving the dragon Everblight. Of the two, Saeryn is the more detached and introspective while Rhyas is the more bold and brutal. Though both possess sorcerous power from birth, only Saeryn plunged into the heart of her power, exploring its every potential. She knows the two possess a single, inseparably bonded soul, and their bond amplifies their power and sharpens their shared awareness.


Raised among the insular Shyvess shard, Saeryn had little formal guidance for her burgeoning talents. A local priest of Nyssor taught her the sacred Aeric runes but nothing more. The Shyvess followed their own customs and kept to themselves so stringently that even other Nyss perceived them as peculiar and insular. For this reason, the twins refused Vayl Hallyr when she attempted to recruit them as pupils, sensing something amiss in the sorceress’ overtures.[1]

One year later, Saeryn receives an inexplicable vision that foresees the coming of Thagrosh and the imminent blighting of her shard. In a moment of total freedom from her sister she sees her destiny laid out before her. When Thagrosh is coming to the Shyvess, Saeryn tells Rhyas to massacre the shard, under the pretext their people are better off dead than enslaved and corrupted as the other Nyss. In truth the extermination is not out of mercy, as Rhyas believes, but to harden and shape her into an unbridled weapon. Saeryn directs the killings, keeping her sister safe but leaves to Rhyas the majority of the carnage.[1]

The twins defeat Thagrosh when he arrives to test his limits and learn from the battle - both must know of their future master. As Rhyas prepares to kill Thagrosh, Saeryn stays her hand with a thought. After letting Thagrosh know how close he had come to death, Saeryn offers up both herself and Rhyas to the Prophet. Everblight is impressed by how the twins willingly receive the athanc shards.[1]

In 607 AR, Saeryn and Rhyas are sent to the Castle of the Keys to recover the athanc shard of the fellow warlock Lylyth after she was ambushed by blighted Iosans, servants of Everblight's brother Pyromalfic. They manage to find and rescue Lylyth, and together they flee the Castle of the Keys, knew that very soon they will return in force.[2]

The Legion of Everblight soon march against the skorne defenders of the Castle of the Keys. Saeryn and Rhyas direct their force against the attacking Circle Orboros, and manage to drive their warlocks away, while Thagrosh and a small group descend into the Castle to find Pyromalfic.[2]

As Pyromalfic, discovered by Thagrosh, rises from his lair and descends upon the Legion, Saeryn directs all of their dragonspawn - angelii, seraphim and harriers - to attack the dragon. Pyromalfic's claws rip through them with ease, but there were too many, and after Pyromalfic falls towards the courtyard, Saeryn witnesses Rhyas climb a rampart, leap at Pyromalfic and carve his immortal flesh.[2]

After Thagrosh swallows the athanc of Pyromalfic, Saeryn and Rhyas carve a path through both the Circle and the skorne forces while Vayl and Lylyth coordinate their army's retreat. Vayl and Saeryn soon learn they could use their sorcery to draw away Pyromalfic's blight permeating Thagrosh’s flesh. Everblight only speaks once, informing them of his intention to reach Ios.[2][3]

At the Glimmerwood, Everblight directs them to split their forces. Vayl and Saeryn would take Thagrosh through the tunnels to the passage under Ios to the mountains beyond, while Rhyas and Lylyth would take the troops and dragonspawn and lead their pursuers in other directions.[3]

In the underground passage, Vayl and Saeryn have to periodically stop to siphon blighted energy from Thagrosh. As they started to tunnel upwards, Saeryn seeks communion with Everblight while Thagrosh is sleeping. She tells Vayl that Everblight is trying to delay Thagrosh's final stage of transformation until they get above ground and that there is something Thagrosh must accomplish when they get to the surface.[3]

They emerge in a Rhulic mine, near the border with Ios. After they take care of the nearby dwarves, Thagrosh completes his transformation to the dragon's Messiah, spawning the spawn Typhon in the process, and Vayl and Saeryn kneel before him. The three soon join Rhyas with the rest of the Legion's army. Soon after they return to their new base in Rhul, they feel a sharp pain. Everblight announces to them that Blighterghast has sent a summons and tried to exclude him. He thinks the dragons are called not because Toruk stirs, but because of himself.[3]

A short time after, when the Legion army is at the Kovosk Hills in Khador, Lylyth discovers a Cryxian column transporting a mysterious object which Everblight deduces as an athanc. Saeryn and Rhyas are tasked with leading the initial strike, but everyone expected they would be insufficient to recover the prize without additional support, so instead they track the column through the Thornwood, fighting Khadoran patrols in the way before being delayed by the Circle near the Ordic border.[4][5]


Saeryn knows she and her sister will stand at the vanguard of Everblight's new order and achieve stature beyond the dreams of other Nyss and regards her fellow warlocks with a mixture of respect and reserve. There is no question Rhyas and Saeryn are more powerful together than apart, and Saeryn is convinced they have only begun to test their limits. The blighted transformation is a seed that has not yet fully germinated, and she eagerly does whatever is required to quicken the full awakening. Her mind is a labyrinth of depths hidden even from her master. She believes absolutely in the twins’ invincibility, and no enemy has yet proved her wrong. Saeryn resents that both the dragon and Thagrosh hold Vayl in particularly high esteem for orchestrating the swift subjugation of the Nyss. There is a mutual wariness between Saeryn and Vayl, a complex relationship where a polite veneer masks considerable underlying tension.[1]