Sarvan Gravus

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The-protectorate-of-menoth.png Sarvan Gravus The-protectorate-of-menoth.png

High Exemplar


Race Human (Sulese)
Gender Male
Weapons Reverence
Birth Unknown
High Exemplar Sarvan Gravus is one of the highest-ranking members of the Knights Exemplar and one of the Protectorate of Menoth's premier cavalry commanders. He shrinks from no order, no matter how bloody or terrible. He leads the exemplar vengers into battle, and men decades his junior struggle to match his energy.[1]


Sarvan Gravus rose to prominence during the reign of Hierarch Kilgor Ravonal. On several occasions he led small forces of Knights Exemplar past the Black River against far greater numbers, inflicted tremendous casualties, and returned victorious.[1]

When Grand Scrutator Severius ordered Gravus to sweep the eastern portion of the Cygnaran town of Fisherbrook and raze its structures to the ground, thereby stirring up the garrison defenders who might have otherwise retreated to Stonebridge Castle, Gravus took his men to the outskirts of town and killed every man, woman, and child he could reach before sending his vengers to ride down those who fled.[1]

In 606 AR, Grand Exemplar Baine Hurst dies defending the Harbinger of Menoth from the eldritch Goreshade, while Senior Paladin Dartan Vilmon escorts her to safety. Gravus and many other Exemplars protest against Vilmon's promotion to High Paladin, blame him for leaving their leader for dead and propose him be flogged for cowardice. However, despite Gravus' protests, it is clear Vilmon’s star is on the rise.[1][2]

Many among the Synod support Gravus to succeed Hurst as Grand Exemplar. Though Mikael Kreoss eventually takes command of the order, Gravus was the only other knight who could have risen to the esteemed post.[1]

In 607 AR, Gravus participates in the invasion of Caspia, led by Hierarch Garrick Voyle himself. When Dartan Vilmon defies Hierarch Voyle's order to fire on a group of innocent Menite prisoners, while Mikael Kreoss stands unmoving, Gravus attempts to come to the defence of Voyle, but halts at a gesture from the Hierarch.[1]

After Garrick Voyle is killed by Lord Commander Coleman Stryker, Mikael Kreoss orders the rest of the Protectorate forces to withdraw from Caspia. Gravus was displeased, but even here he does not speak against the visgoths, though his eyes burn with anger and a desire to avenge his fallen leader.[1]

Shortly after, Gravus heads north to join the Northern Crusade and renew his oaths of service to the new hierarch, Severius.[3]


Gravus has never questioned the will of the clergy in his lifetime of service. He believes it their role to interpret the will of the Creator and his role to obey. He is respected by the people for his merciless pragmatism and his unwavering adherence to the Exemplar code, and is disdainful of the Order of the Wall, which he considers to have long chosen its own path over obedience to the True Law and those who act as its custodians. Gravus hopes to die in battle and only fears that he might outlive his usefulness as a warrior. Riding to battle every day puts a difficult strain on a man of his years, but his will to fight remains undiminished.[1][2]