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Sea drakes are elusive marine drakes that swim in the warm waters of the Gulf of Cygnar, Eyewall Bay, and along the Broken Coast. Like their terrestrial cousins, sea drakes can move between land and sea, but unlike fog and frost drakes, their land movements are clumsy at best. They are adapted to spend most of their time, if not all of it, amid the depths of the Meredius.

Physical Characteristics

A sea drake’s body is long and sinuous, covered in glistening blue-green scales. The creature swims swiftly, propelled by the webbed talons on its forelimbs and by its broad flippers. A broad, fan-shaped caudal fin serves both to propel the sea drake and to search the benthic zone for large skates and flounder. Female sea drakes also use this massive tail to prepare an egg bed in shallow waters, sometimes even following rivers inland to lakes and swamps.[1]


Sea drakes are capable of coming ashore, but they are slow and clumsy on land. Only a significant threat or guaranteed meal will lure a sea drake from its aquatic home.[1]

There's no parental care among sea drakes. Once a female has laid its eggs, she'll fan sediment over them to protect them from predation until the young sea drakes hatch, then returns to the sea. Juvenile sea drakes spend the first third of their lives maturing in the relative safety of the reeds. The sheltered environment allows the young to mature in a place with fewer predators than the open ocean. Once they are ten to twelve feet long and less vulnerable to predation, they leave their nesting grounds and head to the open sea.[1]

Sea drakes keep no permanent territory and move with the currents in search of food. They feed on seals, small whales, and large schools of fish, a habit that has caused more frequent interaction with mankind over recent years. It is not uncommon for a sea drake to be drawn to the silhouette of a ship passing overhead, mistaking it for prey. Compounding the problem, most ships throw their refuse overboard, giving a hungry sea drake a trail of flotsam to investigate. Sea drakes seem to like anything that floats and cannot resist the urge to attack small sailing vessels they mistake for a meal.[1]

Sea drakes seem to enjoy capsizing boats in order to feed on sailors. Their incredibly forceful breath is powerful enough to knock a man off his feet, and they use it to incapacitate any crewmen too close to the water. An injured sea drake can release a thick cloud of ink to cover its retreat. This ink, which dries a unique shade of deep purple-red, is prized by some aristocrats for its rarity.[1]


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