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Cryx.png Seether Cryx.png

Cryx Helljack


Weapons Twin Death Claws
Height 3.66m
Weight 6.5 tons
Fuel load 44.91 kg (necrotite)
120.202 kg (coal)
Fuel usage 12 hours general
2 hours combat
Chassis designer Unknown
Initial service date Unknown
The Seether is a Cryxian helljack following the basic Slayer design with some rather extreme modifications implemented by its designer, Master Necrotech Verrik Kurr.


A small number of inert Seethers were first discovered alongside the corpses of Verrik Kurr's assistants in his laboratory a short time after he vanished, having began an exhaustive search of the accursed Librum Mekanecrus. Skell necrotechs immediately recognised the Seethers as valuable weapons and set some aside for reverse engineering, but all such attempts have failed. The rest were gifted to prestigious Cryxian commanders on the mainland, where the machines could wreak the bloody slaughter for which they were crafted.[1]


The most notable modifications of the Seethers from the Slayers are the soul drives grafted to their cortexes. These baneful devices contain malevolent spirits that provide the helljacks with a bottomless font of unmitigated rage. The efficiency by which they thrive on this energy has yet to be replicated.[1]


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