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Cryx.png Sepulcher Cryx.png

Cryx Colossal


Weapons Desolator
Dual Spikers
Twin Harvesters
Height 8.23m
Weight 85 tons
Fuel load Unknown
Fuel usage Unknown
Chassis designer Unknown
Initial service date Unknown
The Sepulcher is a Cryxian colossal, a variant of the Kraken which serves as a mobile necromantic factory. The Sepulcher has proven to be a weapon of prodigious and terrifying industriousness, and brings the horrors of Cryxian industry to the doorsteps of western Immoren.[1]


The first Cryxian colossal was built in the decades following the last defeat of the Orgoth. Having observed the strengths and weaknesses of the mighty machines fielded by Khador and Cygnar in the Colossal War, Cryxian agents raided the graves of the mainland’s most brilliant inventors, arcanists and engineers and interrogated their shades. In some cases, their very essences were used to produce the effects their insights had inspired.[2]

The necrotechs of Skell immediately set about refining the designs of the colossals. Well aware of their shortcomings, Cryx designed its colossals to be smaller, more agile, and able to traverse a broad range of terrain, innovations centuries ahead of the mainland. For centuries, the Sepulchers were kept back as part of Cryxian reserves. They were used as secret weapons for a later stage of a long-term plan to subjugate the mainland and advance on Lord Toruk’s progeny. Lich Lord Scopulous consented to dispatch them only for the utter destruction of isolated targets such as remote shoreline villages and lone ships carrying items or individuals of great value.[2]

In 609 AR, the Sepulchers are brought to the mainland for use in the current war, following the Krakens' deployment a few months before.[1]


The use of necrotite to power the Sepulcher’s engines grants it a rapidity unbefitting a machine of its size. The Sepulcher lashes out with its harvesters to seize any within reach to subject them to a horrific fate: to be converted by the surgical implements comprising its mandibles into mechanithralls or brute thralls to be unleashed in the wars of the Nightmare Empire.[2][1]

The Sepulcher roams the battlefield in search of fresh materials that can be stitched together to produce a never-ending supply of cannon fodder. It lumbers forward with a mechanical hiss in search of victims, pausing only to open fire on formidable threats with a diabolical array of powerful weaponry. A smear of mud and guts constantly coats the underbelly of the nightmare machine, and the smell of viscera hails its arrival as clearly as the billowing smoke of its necrotite engines.[1]


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