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The seraphim are agile flying dragonspawn considered to be Everblight's messengers of death. They embody the dragon’s own sublime elegance, and it has been long ages since he could create them with abandon.

Physical Characteristics

The seraph possesses a deceptively slender frame that slices through the air on powerful wings. Blighted energy streams from its wings and leaves a strange, distorted contrail in its wake. The seraph uses this energy to warp distances around itself, and other dragonspawn following in this slipstream are accelerated forward. Its long tail ends in wickedly barbed blades capable of piercing plated steel and dripping with a poisonous ichor.[1]


Seraphim sense the landscape with perfect clarity; even the slightest motion registers to their predatory acuity. They rarely engage in close combat, preferring to fight from a distance using incinerating miasmas of blighted ash. The ash quickly sears and melts flesh before disintegrating it into a filthy, sulfurous powder. Seraphim can strafe and obliterate an entire enemy formation using this caustic breath.[1]