Servath Reznik

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Wrath of Ages


Race Human (Skirov)
Gender Male
Weapons Confessor
Birth 568 AR
Servath Reznik is the High Executioner of the Protectorate of Menoth. He stalks the lands beyond the Protectorate to carry out sentences of death on those guilty of sacrilege, sorcery, or religious treason against the Creator. He embodies ancient ways of his faith when priest-kings reigned without question and all citizens knew that impiety resulted in suffering or death.


Servath Reznik was born in the northern Khadoran town of Talsk, a town composed almost exclusively of Old Faith Menites largely left to their own governance. Obedience to the temple and reverence to the Creator were absolutes instilled in the people of Talsk from birth, and failure to abide by the True Law was quickly punished by Scrutator Koska, a man who would have fit in well in the Protectorate. It is in this atmosphere that Reznik was raised, an environment of unbending law and swift and brutal punishment to those who failed in their adherence to the faith.[1]

At the age of fourteen, Reznik came upon a cult of Devourer worshippers in a grove near Talsk and killed them all. He recognised among the corpses several youths from his village who obviously feigned piety in daily temple services and embraced blasphemies at night. The Khadoran authority took him into custody, but later released him and let Scrutator Koska take over. Following Reznik’s release to the Menite Temple, he became Scrutator Koska's apprentice and assisted in rooting out the remnants of the alleged Devourer cult within the town’s population.[1][2]

Reznik left Khador on a pilgrimage to the Protectorate in 585 AR. The timing of Reznik’s arrival coincided with one of the most chaotic periods in the eight-year power struggle in the Protectorate following Hierarch Kilgor Ravonal’s death. It was fortuitous that Reznik was seeking a high-ranking Protectorate priest and scrutator at just the moment when those same priests were engaged in a deadly struggle over dominance for the Temple. He found his way before Sovereign Jorrel, a staunch supporter of Visgoth Garrick Voyle. Jorrel discovered Reznik's talent as a warcaster and introduced him to Voyle.[1]

Garrick Voyle proclaimed Reznik his high executioner, an ancient Menite position that had fallen out of use since ancient times. Only a hierarch could appoint such a figure, and a high executioner is bound by no protocol or procedure beyond the word of his hierarch in carrying out his divine duties. Voyle has told his opponents in no uncertain terms that resistance means death.[1]

Reznik was strategically employed by Voyle in the last months before his claim as hierarch was accepted by all. Voyle defeated many of his enemies personally to show his own power and strength, but he sent Reznik when wanted to convey a particular message, bringing to this resurrected office no small degree of legitimacy in the eyes of the common people. Reznik became a symbol of Garrick Voyle’s belief in enforcing the Canon of the True Law, even against fellow scrutators. Those whose names appeared upon Reznik’s writs were immediately judged to be inherently damned without question as to their actual guilt.[1]

As Hierarch Voyle’s political weapon, Reznik quickly earned the enmity and even outright hatred of the higher echelons of the temple. While much of this was due to the fact that Reznik stood as a symbol that none were safe behind their traditional titles, a few took issue with Reznik’s brutal methods, among them High Exemplar Mikael Kreoss, who did everything he could to limit Reznik’s actions against the greater populace.[1]

By 593 AR, Voyle transferred command of Reznik to the military leader he trusted to enforce his dictates abroad, Grand Scrutator Severius. Under the grand scrutator’s orders, Reznik is provided with a steady list of enemies marked for death, both within the Protectorate but more often in Khador and Ord, most often individuals who were actively seeking to impede the Protectorate’s black market cortex trade, which was vital to the nation’s preparations for their impending crusades. Reznik was employed as a very visible reminder of the price for interfering with the Protectorate's illicit interests. During these missions, he received significant help from local Menite temples, who often saw increased obedience from the terrified populace, which no doubt aided the high executioner’s cause.[1]

Reznik is involved in few if any of the Protectorate’s actions during the Llaelese War and the Caspia-Sul War. Rather, he joins the Northern Crusade at some point in 607 AR, serving directly under Grand Scrutator Severius once again. He is present when Severius seizes the heavily fortified city of Leryn without assaulting its walls. After the city surrenders, Reznik publicly wracks and executes Koldun Lord Volkh Lazar, the Khadoran governor of the city. He is given command of an ancillary strike force and answers only to Severius.[1][3]

In 608 AR, Reznik comes to the Khadoran-occupied Llaelese town of Riversmet with a list of heretics to kill. Sending a small force to occupy the Khadoran kommander Izak Harkevich, who refused him once before, Reznik attacks a more vulnerable position and manages to reach the town plaza. The posadnik Vasko Durga hands his first victim to him, but then Izak Harkevich intervenes and refuses Reznik's next demand. When Reznik reads the third name - Vasko Durga himself - Harkevich throws Durga at him, then proclaims that's all Reznik's getting. Reznik attempts to intimidate Harkevich, but Harkevich only reminds him he's being surrounded by his men and warjacks, forcing Reznik to let the rest of his targets live. Harkevich then allows Reznik to leave Riversmet with no further bloodshed. Returning to Leryn, Reznik brings word to Severius and Kreoss that Khador’s new fortress at Riversmet is vulnerable.[4]

When Severius and Kreoss march into the Thornwood against Cryx, they leave Reznik with the Harbinger of Menoth in charge of Leryn. A short time after, the Harbinger summons him, informs him of a new mission: go unto the northerners and restore to them proper reverence for the Creator, starting with Umbrey; and bestows upon him the title Wrath of Ages. At the Menite-majority town of Fedorgrad in eastern Umbrey, the Harbinger asks for permission to enter the town with only her closest escort, but Kovnik Ivan Provsk refuses their entry and tells Reznik he's well aware of what he brings to the faithful.[5]

In the ensuing battle, Reznik seeks out Provsk and manages to incapacitate the kovnik, intending to make an example of him later. With their leader down, the Khadorans surrender. The Harbinger invokes her divine power to restore most of the injured Khadoran soldiers, and every last Khadoran prostrate before her. Reznik watches the Harbinger’s message wash over the assembled mass. As he prepares to execute Kovnik Prosk, the Harbinger stops him, and he realises the true purpose of the path Menoth had set him on. His strategic intellect quickly begins to assess the impact the Harbinger’s proselytising would have for the Northern Crusade, and more importantly on the Khadoran Empire.[5]


Fanatical even by the standards of the Sul-Menites, he stands as an embodiment of absolute devotion. For Reznik the world is a crucible of flame, and humanity stands at the precipice of self-inflicted annihilation. Reznik has served the will of the hierarchs for decades, seeking neither glory nor recognition in his deeds. In Menoth’s name he has slain or broken thousands, and without question he will continue to do so as long as he draws breath.[5]


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