Shifting stone

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Shifting stones are intricate stone columns carved by the Circle Orboros with mystic runes to mark their territories. They also tap into the pervading essence of Orboros that gathers in certain nexus points below the soil of Caen — ley lines that represent the capillaries and arteries within the 'body' of Orboros. Trollkin are proud of their krielstones, but even their understanding of and reverence for the power of stone is simple when compared to that of the Circle Orboros.[1]

The blackclads have an unparalleled knowledge of the invisible ley line network that crisscrosses the face of the world, and they use shifting stones to mark and manipulate these channels of power. Key to this process are the carefully inscribed symbols and patterns upon these pillars. These inscriptions are no mere decoration but part of a precise mystical language that is as unwavering as mathematics. To the uninitiated, the intricacies of the stones making up this network seem unfathomable. Activated stones prompt these markings to glow an eerie green, an eldritch luminescence that has led more than one lost traveller to his death at the hands of the Circle’s guardians.[1]

Some of the greatest stones, hewn from carefully guarded quarries and inscribed with the most potent runes, possess a number of occult abilities. Some can send messages across tremendous distances and heal grievous wounds. It is their ability to expedite teleportation across ley lines that is their greatest power, however. The versatile power of these stones is one reason the movement of druids is so difficult to track, and it allows them to launch unexpected reinforcements.[1]

Blackclads known as stone keepers are responsible for guarding shifting stones. They maintain their vigil with stoic resolve, knowing their efforts are vital to the success of their order. When the Circle needs shifting stones brought to their battlefields, the keepers guide them precisely where they need to be. Stone keepers have attuned themselves to the stones' shifts and move in harmony among them.[1]