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Slag trolls are a strange subspecies of troll found in areas of volcanic activity, where they dwell in the fumaroles of old volcanoes and along pyroclastic flows. They are known for eating metal and having a vicious temper. The slag troll’s peculiar diet has forced it to evolve powerful stomach acids it can disgorge as a weapon.[1][2]


The slag troll's diet of metal and magma would undoubtedly kill a lesser creature, but the impressive regenerative ability and natural adaptability of trolls has caused slag trolls to thrive in their environment. The powerful acids in the creature’s digestive tract can dissolve even tempered steel, and a slag troll will not hesitate to gulp down scrap, ripping through the metal with teeth like iron chisels. The caustic gases of their volcanic habitat and naturally powerful digestive acid have rendered slag trolls immune to any other corrosive substances.[1]

Slag trolls can voluntarily vomit up a narrow stream of gastric acid that is both alarmingly accurate and potent enough to dissolve inches of steel or stone in moments. Those brave enough to confront a slag troll in close combat are certain to be burned, whether by the excess acid that mixes with the troll’s saliva or sprayed when the creature’s stomach is punctured.[1]

Despite this adaptation, the metal consumed by a slag troll is not relegated solely to its digestive tract. Metal invariably migrates through a slag troll’s body even as its tissues rebuild themselves in its wake. These shards eventually work through the troll’s skin, protruding from its body. These accumulations of metal toughen the slag troll’s hide and make it much harder to harm. Bullets and blades are as likely to strike a metal deposit as to connect with the creature’s flesh, providing slag trolls a natural armour.[1]

The slag troll’s teeth and claws are made of the same raw metal as its primary diet. Combined with the sheer strength of the creature, they can rend most enemies with little resistance.[1]


The natural malleability of trolls and their willingness to eat anything, even inorganic matter, gradually altered the slag troll’s physiology. Whereas other creatures are compelled away from hostile environments, trolls are not so easily discouraged and always find a way to sustain themselves, even if they must resort to extraordinary measures. The domain of a slag troll leaves it with limited prey, so the creature has adapted to derive nourishment from a more unusual food source: metal ore and igneous stone. Even a hungry dire troll might balk at such a meal, but a slag troll makes a regular habit of feasting on it.[1]

The incessant pain of a slag troll’s digestive processes leaves it in a perpetually foul mood, and those that have recently eaten are often gripped by searing pain and cramping stomachs, which adds to their unpleasant disposition. Slag trolls are notoriously ornery due to this constant discomfort, and require little motivation to seek targets for aggression. As much as they enjoy a meal of iron ore, they are always eager to enjoy the simpler and less painful flesh and blood. A slag troll will go out of its way to attack anything it encounters, particularly targets perceived to be a threat. Despite their fierce tempers, they can be distracted by a sufficient offering.[1]


Locating slag trolls can be difficult, requiring a march into volcanoes and enduring a punishing heat and caustic atmosphere. Slag trolls are acutely protective of their territory and are likely to attack intruders on sight, so warlocks who want to tame them would be wise to bring along something to placate (or at least distract) the creatures before making the effort. Quantities of bloody meat are rare in the slag troll’s domain and work well in this capacity.[1]

Slag trolls' peculiar diet has given them a reputation for stupidity, but other trolls admire their intestinal fortitude. The tremendous acids that accumulate in their guts make them formidable opponents, particularly against warjacks, wolds, and undead.[2]

Slag trolls do not typically use gear, although some wear metal chains and plates as decoration. In a pinch, a slag troll can consume this attire for sustenance.[1]


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