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Snappers are highly aggressive, man-sized, amphibious crocodilians native to the wetlands of western Immoren. The snapper — so named for its incredibly swift and powerful bite — is a ruthless hunter once it begins to move. Though not as large as blackhides, snappers have gained a fearsome reputation.[1][2]

Physical Characteristics

Although amphibious, a snapper moves much faster in water as a result of its massive finned tail and webbed feet. A pronounced armoured dorsal fin runs down the spine of an adult snapper, protecting the back and serving as a deterrent against larger predators. The spiny ridge of this fin is nearly as keen as the creature’s talons and as hard as bone, and any creature that tries to consume a snapper will be rewarded with multiple puncture wounds in its palate.[1]

Newly hatched snappers possess a single egg tooth used to break the shell at hatching. Most snappers lose their egg tooth in the first month. Because they are rare, these teeth are valuable finds for swamp divers and marsh scouts, and some swamp-dwelling Morridane villagers consider them goodluck charms.[1]


Snappers can remain as still as death before they spring into lethal action the moment they sense danger or an unsuspecting meal nearby. Unlike many other swamp-dwelling predators, however, the snapper is not a persistent hunter: if its meal escapes too quickly, it will return to a torpid state and wait for less wary prey. Between larger prey and carrion, snappers supplement their diet with catfish, swamp turtles, and other aquatic creatures incapable of escaping their jaws.[1]

Snappers are single-minded once they make a kill and will gorge themselves on the carcass. They show no interest in other prey once they have begun to feed, and even attacking a feasting snapper in the hope of luring it away from its kill is unlikely to distract it.[1]

When attacked, snappers put their defensive fins to good use, turning their points into an oncoming bite to discourage the attacker. Not all predators are so easily dissuaded, however: blackhides know to attack snappers from below, striking at their unprotected bellies to circumvent their armour.[1]

Snappers take extraordinary care of their young. Once a cow snapper lays her eggs - as many as twelve each time - she leaves the nest to hunt to regain her strength. The bull guards the nest from any intrusion, warning off trespassers with a low, guttural growl. Creatures that persist are dealt with violently. Unmated bull snappers are often found skulking around nests during the time the hatchlings appear, as they are easy prey.[1]

Bull snappers are among the most common warbeasts used by the warlocks of the gatorman and bog trog tribes. The beasts’ jaw-snapping ferocity and naturally thick hides make them excellent combatants, and they are easily bent to a warlock’s will.[1]


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