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The storm raptor is a humongous bird of prey native to the desolate northern Stormlands. It soars over the battlefield rife with electrical energies. The storm raptor's feathers flicker with lightning, to be unleashed in blinding arcs of voltaic energy as the raptor extends its talons upon prey.


The storm raptor makes its home on the steep cliff faces of the Abyss. It is a superb hunter and spends much of its time circling amid the harsh storms of its habitat, using their frequent electrical discharges to hide itself from prey, usually deep drakes and other denizens of the wastes. Solitary storm raptors often clash against archidons in territorial feuds in the skies - a tempestuous battle which the storm raptor invariably wins unless outnumbered.[1]


Storm raptors were utilised as warbeasts a long time ago, but their existence were forgotten until Omnipotent Mohsar called attention to them once more. The blackclads spent years studying the raptors' habits and breeding patterns before moving to seize hatchlings when their nests are unguarded. A number of druids die in the process, but some few storm raptors are retrieved and trained well to serve the Circle Orboros.[1]


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