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Fundamentally Lexicanum is about promoting the canonical lore. The Iron Kingdoms' lore is rich and deep and interesting but perhaps not as well known as 40k. Currently this wiki is pretty bare bones and there's nowhere online to get the sort of coverage for IK that you can on the various 40k wikis. Everyone knows to check out Battle College for the crunch. We need to be that for the fluff.

I'd like to work on accomplishing that. Cygnar is the poster boy faction for Warmachine so this is as good a place to start as any.

My goals for this page and others like it are to follow the sorts of topics covered by country articles on Wikipedia so as to better flesh out the Iron Kingdoms. There is a wealth of source material to draw on and that's how we should proceed. Building out the branches so that this becomes a complete gamer's guide to IK.

- Col. Tartleton (Evan)

Evan I completely agree. It is our hope to grow the Immoren Lexicanum into a broad index of the lore and history of the Iron Kingdoms. There has been a singular voice here who has done a lot of the heavy lifting to get the Wiki to where it is now, but we really need just a handful of further enthusiasts to grow it into "the" IK reference for the internet.

So welcome aboard, say hi to Porquoi when you meet him, he's been the lighthouse keeper here for months, and always help spread the word so we can attract more loremasters to the project. With V3 just launching, this is the perfect time to grow things here as a new generation of players will be joining the game for the first time.

-Bigred (Larry)