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This page holds a timeline of Immoren. Please note that this is an abridged timeline. It lists only major events in history, and does not go into great detail. For the sake of simplicity, dates here are given using the human calendar only.

Ancient history

The elves were the first to possess the written word and have the longest-reaching records, although their history is now a broken and shattered legacy with many gaps related to the collapse of their first empire into ruin and devastation. The dwarves of Rhul boast the only unbroken and continuous civilisation—the establishment of Ghord as a home for their Codex took place more than two thousand years before the time of Cinot, who would begin the era of recorded history among the human Menites.

Date Event Sources
? Toruk the Dragonfather splits his athanc creates a brood of dragons, who proceed to turn on him and flee. [1]
c. 10000 BR Elven tribes are united under the Empire of Lyoss in eastern Immoren. [2]
c. 8500 BR The Feud of Ages start among dwarven clans. [2]
8200 BR The end of the Feud of Ages. The city of Ghord is founded and becomes the capital of Rhul. [2]
c. 7500 BR Dwarven Stone Lords consented to the founding of the Moot of the Hundred Houses. [2]
c. 6500 BR Menoth gives humanity the gifts of the Flame, the Wall, the Sheaf and the Law. The Heretic founds the city of Acrennia, the first Menite civilisation, followed by Cinot's city of Icthier. The Canon of the True Law are manifest on stone as the first writings. The Heretic later rebels against Menoth with the four other Defiers, which eventually ends with Menoth casting the five of them into the Void and destroying Acrennia. [2][3]
c. 5500 BR The first dragons sightings are described by the Rhulfolk. [4]
c. 5000 BR Nomadic skorne encounter and begin to raid outlying elven settlements. [5]
c. 4800 BR Morrdhic civilisation start to take root around the Thornwood [2]
c. 4650 BR Master Voskune discovers the fundamentals of mortitheurgy. [5]
c. 4450 BR Dominar Vuxoris describes the hoksune warrior code describing the ideals of skorne combat. [5]
c. 4440 BR Vuxoris becomes the First Exalted after Masters Ishoul and Kaleed perfect the first sacral stone. [5]
c. 4250 BR Elves begin the construction of the Bridge of Worlds intent on bringing the Divine Court to Caen. [2]
c. 4240 BR Skorne philosopher Morkaash teaches enlightenment from the study of anatomy and pain. [5]
3966 BR The Cataclysm happens. The Bridge of Worlds explodes; Lyoss and Urus are destroyed, Icthier abandoned and the Bloodstone Desert created. Survivors from Urus venture inland and underground, becoming the cephalyx. [2][6]
c. 3950 BR Surviving skorne build the first permanent skorne settlement. [5]
c. 3900 BR Elven refugees from Lyoss establish Ios in western Immoren. [2]
c. 3800 BR The first skorne city is named Malphas. [5]

Warlord Era

The Warlord Era was the time when the Menite warrior-priests and priest-kings had their greatest and most sweeping battles against barbarism. It was a time of savagery and bloodshed which marked the founding of new city-states and paved the way for the proliferation of fiefdoms and pockets of armed settlements which would define life in western Immoren for thousands of years. Even the smallest village needed to erect walls against the horrors that came from beyond the torch light, and prayers to Menoth were seen as providing the only clear path between life and death. In this era, the priest-kings of Calacia and Khard tamed the wild with the rule of law and the judgment of steel. By their example, the True Law of civilisation became a weapon wielded against the barbaric throngs in service to the Devourer Wurm.

Date Event Sources
c. 3500 BR The Kingdom of Morrdh is united. [2]
c. 3300 BR Skorne start to move from Malphas to the shore of Mirketh Lake. [5]
c. 3000 BR Kexorus invents skorne writing. [5]
2815 BR The city of Calacia is founded by Valent Thrace. [2][7]
c. 2200 BR Priest-King Golivant destroys the Molgur. The Circle Orboros is founded. [2][8]
c. 2170 BR Priest-King Khardovic establishes Khard. [2]
2051 BR Golivant III united the region around Calacia and renames the city to Caspia. [2]

Thousand Cities Era

The spread of the Menite faith and the defeat of the Molgur allowed for the rapid spread of civilisation across the plains, hills, forests, and coasts of western Immoren. This ushered in an era no less torn by strife, but bringing many advancements. The settled peoples of this era had the luxury of ample food and shelter, as well as trade at least when they weren’t at war. The battles of this era were not those between civilisation and the wilderness but instead between rival city-states. Soon conquest and diplomacy saw the weaker fiefdoms crushed or uniting paving the way for fewer but stronger kingdoms, each vying for domination. By the end of this era less than a dozen strong nations had cowed and consolidated most of the rest.

Date Event Sources
c. 2000 BR Halaak replaces Malphas as centre of the skorne civilisation. [5]
1930 BR Morrow and Thamar are born. [2]
1894 BR Morrow and Thamar ascend as divinities. [2]
c. 1800 BR Toruk drives Everblight from Morrdh and consumes the athanc of Nektor. [9][1]
1866 BR Morrowan priest Nolland Orellius construct the Divinium and becomes the first Morrowan primarch. [2]
c. 1700 BR Lord Tyrant Norvaak unleashes three extremely powerful kovaas upon Halaak. [5]
1640 BR Toruk consumes and reclaims the athanc of Shazkz. Shazkz's blighted blood rains over the Scharde Islands, creating the Satyxis. [1]
c. 1500 BR The Kingdom of Morrdh disintegrates. [2]
1421 BR The Khardic Empire is established. [2]
1387 AR Toruk reclaims another sizeable part of his athanc by consuming Gaulvang. [1]
c. 1370 BR Tordor is established. [2]
1313 BR The Kingdom of Thuria is annexed by neighbouring Tordor. [2]
1270 BR Nidoboros, the greatest of Toruk's progeny, confronts the Dragonfather, allegedly to prove to the rest that Toruk could be defeated. Toruk defeats Nidoboros, but is unable to consume his athanc, which is recovered by Zevanna Agha. [4]
1247 BR Menites recognise the Morrowan faith. [2]
1169 BR The Umbreans unite under Umbrey against the Khardic Empire. [2]
1073 BR The kingdom of Rynyr is founded. [2]
c. 1000 BR Surviving dragons, except Everblight, unite under Blighterghast against their father and manages to drive Toruk to the Scharde Islands where he establishes Cryx. [2]
840 BR The Divine Court of the elves leave their fanes in Ios and seek to return to Urcaen. [2]
821 BR The Horselord Wars begin between Khards and Umbreans. [2]
743 BR The first steam engines are invented. [2]
716 BR Umbrean princes surrender to the Khards and Umbrey becomes part of the Khardic Empire. [2]
712 BR The Church of Morrow moves its seat from the Divinium to Caspia and begins construction on the Archcourt Cathedral. [2]

Orgoth Occupation Era

The invasion of the Orgoth from across the Meredius and the long period of their occupation forever changed this region and had a drastic impact on its history. This dark era lasted for eight centuries but is divided into three distinct periods: the first two hundred years of the invasion and bloody subjugation, four hundred years of occupation, and the tumultuous two hundred year rebellion which eventually served to drive the Orgoth out.

Date Event Sources
608 BR A vast Orgoth armada lands on the shores of Garlghast Island and begins construction of the great fortress of Drer Drakkerung. [9]
600 BR The first Orgoth blackships land on the western shore of Immoren. [2]
c. 569 BR Fall of the Khardic Empire. [2]
542 BR The Orgoth take over Rynyr and unsuccessfully invades Rhul. [2]
538 BR Seeking to expand their holdings beyond Garlghast to the remainder of the Scharde Islands, Orgoth blackships destroy a Satyxis fleet sent to intercept them. In response, Lord Toruk personally takes to the skies for the first time in centuries and annihilates the whole Orgoth fleet within proximity to the islands. [9]
433 BR The Orgoth hold total dominion on the humans of western Immoren except for the city of Caspia. [2]
190 BR Orgoth governors begin to have much less regular contact with their homeland. [2]
c. 150 BR Thamar is alleged to have imparted the Gift of Magic on humanity, portents of which were bestowed on her most devoted advocates. A cabal of occultists called the Circle or the Oath is believed to have begun based around these first portents of the Gift. [2]
140 BR The Rivening drives most Iosan priests insane. [2]
137 BR Birth of Madruva Dagra, the first Immorese sorcerer. [2]
96 BR Sebastian Kerwin publishes Dissertations on Thaumaturgical Formulation, a study in the control of magic using specialised runes. [2]
81 BR Kerwin institutes the Arcanist’s Academe, the first known assembly of wizards, in Ceryl. [2]
69 BR The Orgoth execute over five hundred priests in retaliation to a raid conducted by Dominic Cavanaugh to rescue 300 Thurian slaves in the Vicarate Slaughter. [2]
67 BR Kerwin joins the Circle of the Oath and converts it away from its Thamarite roots. [2]
64 BR Sebastien Kerwin publishes the Synthesis. [2]
63 BR The Orgoth destroy the Arcanist’s Academe, allegedly killing Kerwin. His body is never found. [2]
54 BR The Circle of the Oath is destroyed by the Orgoth. [2]
34 BR Scyrah returns to Ios. [2]
25 BR Circle of the Oath survivors found the Order of the Golden Crucible. [2]
1 BR The Orgoth governor of Fharin demands a tithe of eight thousand slaves to ship across the Meredius, and is killed by the revolting populace. [2]
1 AR The rebels of Fharin call themselves the Iron Fellowship and declare war against the Orgoth. [2]
7 AR The Iron Fellowship is crushed by the Orgoth. [2]
28 AR Oliver Gulvont invents the first firearm. [2]
32 AR The Battle of the Hundred Wizards: the city of Tordor is liberated with the aid of over a hundred arcanists led by the archwizard Cortis Vendarl. [2]
40 AR The Orgoth recapture Tordor and put all arcanists to the sword. [2]
83 AR The Circle Orboros unleashes the rip lung plague on Immorese and Orgoth alike. [2]
84 AR The Army of Thunder rise to liberate Rynyr with new firearms improved by the Order of the Golden Crucible. [2]
86 AR The Army of Thunder successfully holds Leryn against an army of ten thousand Orgoth. [2]
93 AR Corben finds a cure to the rip lung plague. [2]
111 AR The Fraternal Order of Wizardry is founded by Victor Baerd under Ceryl. [2]
147 AR The Umbreans start to rebel against the Orgoth. [2]
155 AR Maximillian Nivin creates the first cerebral matrix — a device capable of limited reasoning capacity. [2]
158 AR Maximillian Nivin and Elias Decklan create the first man-sized automaton. [9]
164 AR The humans and trollkin of western Immoren form the Iron Alliance under the leadership of the Council of Ten. [2]
177 AR After being smuggled from Ceryl to Caspia, Decklan proposes the creation of colossals to the Council of Ten, utilising a more advanced version of the cerebral matrix. [9]
181 AR The Iron Alliance begins construction of the first colossals. [9]
188 AR The Orgoth assail Korsk, destroying the colossal facilities and killing countless arcanists. [2]
191 AR The first colossal strides from Caspia. [2]
201 AR The Orgoth are driven from Immoren. They initiate the Scourge, destroying the vast majority of their records and structures, poisoning wells, salting fields, and slaughtering thousands of slaves before being driven from the shores of Immoren. They retreat to consolidate their forces on Garlghast, but are destroyed by Cryx. [9]

Iron Kingdoms Era

While the beginning of a new epoch was marked by the stirring of the Rebellion in western Immoren, it had been a long and terrible struggle. It was not until 202 AR that the new era was born with the Corvis Treaties. This was a gathering of the Council of Ten, necessitated by some of the difficulties of the immediate aftermath of the Orgoth, where each region was wrestling with establishing order and organising to provide relief to thousands who were suffering.

Date Event Sources
202 AR The Corvis Treaties: the Council of Ten gather in Corvis and divide western Immoren into the Iron Kingdoms Cygnar, Khador, Ord and Llael. [2]
241 AR The first steamjack is built. [2]
242 AR Cygnaran trollkin kriels rise against the government in the First Trollkin War. [2]
243 AR Khadoran arcanists in the Order of the Golden Crucible and the Fraternal Order betray these orders, return to Khador and form the Greylords Covenant. [2]
247 AR The First Trollkin War ends when the kriels surrender. [2]
250 AR Khadoran king Lavesh Tzepesci launch an invasion of Cygnar and Ord in what would be known as the Colossal War. [2]
257 AR Khador surrenders after the fall of Volningrad. [2]
262 AR Trollkin incursions into Cygnar and Ord escalate into the Second Trollkin War. [2]
267 AR The first warjacks come into usage; King Woldred Govant of Cygnar negotiates peace with trollkin kriels. [2]
283 AR Astronomer Aldophous Aghamore discover Cyriss. [2]
286 AR Colossals are decommissioned and replaced by warjacks. Queen Cherize of Khador launch the Border Wars against Cygnar. [2]
304 AR Ordic captain Markus Graza singlehandedly defends the city of Midfast against Khador's Tharn allies and becomes an ascendant, marking a major turning point in the war. [2]
313 AR Queen Ayn Vanar V of Khador negotiate peace with Cygnar, Ord and Llael. [2]
330 AR The Fane of Scyrah announces their goddess is dying, prompting the formation of two sects: the Seekers and the Retribution of Scyrah. [10]
334 AR The Convergence of Cyriss decipher the first message sent by Cyriss. [11]
390 AR The dragon Everblight is discovered under the Iosan city of Issyrah. The Iosan army manages to defeat Everblight after suffering staggering losses, including the entire city of Issyrah. Iosan sages extract Everblight's athanc and move it to the Shard Spires in northern Khador. [2][11]
410 AR The Constellation is constructed and eventually becomes home to many of the Convergence's greatest thinkers. [11]
482 AR Menite Visgoth Sulon summons all Cygnaran Menites to Caspia, seizes control of the eastern part of the city, drives away everyone not of Menite faith and proclaims himself Hierarch. The Cygnaran Civil War ignites between Morrowans and Menites. [2]
484 AR Sulon is killed in battle. Morrowan priestess Shevann negotiates peace with Sulon's successor Ozeall and cedes the lands east of the Black River to form the Protectorate of Menoth, including eastern Caspia which comes to be renamed Sul. [2]
504 AR The majority of Idrians in the Bloodstone Marches convert and join the Protectorate of Menoth. [2]
510 AR - 511 AR The First Thornwood War between Cygnar and Khador. [2]
546 AR Serfdom is abolished in Khador. [2]
579 AR Vinter Raelthorne IV of Cygnar creates the Inquisition. [2]
581 AR Ios closes borders to outsiders. [2]
584 AR Cryx launches an invasion of Cygnar. [2]
588 AR The Cryxians are driven from Cygnar. [2]
594 AR Vinter IV is overthrown by his brother Leto Raelthorne, exiled to eastern Immoren and starts to conquer the skorne. [2][5]
597 AR Vinter Raelthorne IV defeats Archdominar Narkuuru of Kademe, prompting the rest of the skorne to surrender. [5]
598 AR Vinter proclaims himself Supreme Archdominar and founds the Skorne Empire. [5]
603 AR Vinter IV leads a skorne army to the west to seize Corvis but is repelled by Alexia Ciannor. In Halaak, the house lords take the opportunity of Vinter’s absence to rebel and disobey standing orders to send additional forces. Driven from Corvis, Vinter returns to begin the Second Unification. [2][5]
604 AR Khador launches an invasion of Llael.
The Second Unification is complete.
605 AR Llaelese capital of Merywyn falls to Khador. Queen Ayn Vanar XI declares herself Empress of the Khadoran Empire. The Llaelese Resistance is founded in the sole free city of Rhydden. Everblight takes control of the Nyss and forms the Legion of Everblight. [2][1]
606 AR The Harbinger of Menoth arrives at the Protectorate capital of Imer. Hierarch Garrick Voyle calls a crusade against the faith's enemies. Grand Scrutator Severius leads the Northern Crusade into occupied Llael and takes over Leryn from Khador.
Archdomina Makeda goes west to begin the second skorne invasion.
607 AR Garrick Voyle is killed in Caspia and the Menites are driven away from the city. Grand Scrutator Severius succeeds Voyle as Hierarch. [2]
608 AR Everblight consumes the athanc of his brother Pyromalfic and gains substantial power.
Makeda returns to the east, overthrows Vinter Raelthorne and becomes Supreme Archdomina of the Skorne Empire.