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Khador.png Torch Khador.png

Khador Heavy Warjack


Weapons Flamethrower
Rip Saw
Spiked Fist
Smoke Bombs
Height 3.53m
Weight 9.9 tons
Fuel load 365.14 kg
Fuel usage 4 hours general
50 mins combat
Chassis designer Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly
Initial service date 600 AR
Torch is a warjack created specifically by Kommander Oleg Strakhov to fight through blasted trenchworks and foxholes. Soldiers who see Torch descending upon their position watch the nightmare of trench warfare come to life in ten tons of flame-spitting death. Excess steam vents with a terrifying hiss as the warjack descends into midst of its enemies, burning and cutting them down with brutal efficiency. Strakhov’s new doctrine of war is fully expressed in Torch, his ideal weapon of pitiless destruction.[1]


Torch is the product of Oleg Strakhov’s exacting designs, a warjack capable of accompanying him on the most difficult missions behind enemy lines. It seeks out its targets with fearsome eagerness, moving through enemy positions like a great predator.[1]

Torch is perfectly equipped to deal with all the challenges of trench warfare. Obstacles and wreckage are torn apart beneath its saw, and its powerful legs and internal stabilisation system allow it to hurdle nearly impassable terrain in order to reach its targets. As it comes ever closer, its integral grenade launchers propel smoke bombs into the air, obscuring its form before it delivers incinerating death to the huddled ranks of the enemy.[1]


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