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Trollbloods Flag

Leader: Elder Councils
Common name: Trollbloods
Capital: N/A
Formation: Unknown
Government: Tribal
Currency: N/A
Other names: N/A
Demonym: Trollblood
Official language: Molgur-Trul
Other languages:
The Trollbloods is a catch-all term refering to the five main groups of troll species inhabiting Immorean: trollkin, full blood trolls, dire trolls, pygmy trolls and mountain kings. All trolls share some common physical characteristics including hairless skin which varies from light blue to grey in colour, monochromatic white eyes, rocky growths around their arms/shoulders/chins and head quills. Additionally, all Trollbloods possess incredible regenerative capabilities, which allows them to survive wounds that would kill most other creatures and can even regrow lost limbs over time. Many elder trollkin shamans accredit this healing factor as a gift from their creator deity, Dhunia. However, this rapid healing requires huge amounts of nutrients to work properly which has given the Trollbloods a reputation for voracious appetites.[1]

Military Forces

Trollkin Warlocks

Other Characters

Trollblood Warbeasts

Light Heavy Gargantuan

Trollblood Units

Trollblood Solos


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