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Legion-of-everblight.png Typhon Legion-of-everblight.png


Race Dragonspawn
Gender None
Weapons None
Birth 607 AR
Typhon is an experimental dragonspawn created by Everblight after the Legion victory against the dragon Pyromalfic. Unlike any other spawn, Typhon houses a shard of Everblight's athanc and possesses a fragmentary soul of its own. Typhon is a part of Everblight and yet separate and distinct. It feels compelled by harmonic pressure to obey Everblight but is not a part of Everblight’s divided consciousness.[1]


Typhon's three heads writhe sinuously on lengthy necks as it pulls its heavy bulk forward with its claws, each head shrieking in a dissonant cacophony. All three move of their own accord, seeking victims to rip apart with their powerful jaws or breathing out concentrated streams of superheated ash to melt metal and flesh. Even more formidable is the creature’s resilience; Typhon’s wounds seem to close as quickly as it receives them. Its inherent connection with Thagrosh enables both of them to recover much more rapidly from injuries when in close proximity to one another.[1]

Typhon is a purely draconic creature with a fragmentary soul. Its athanc shard ties it intimately to Thagrosh, but it can generate its own blighted blood and think and act with more independence than regular spawn. It is from this small crystal that Typhon has gained a sense of self, crude and bestial though it may be.[1]

Typhon’s most important power is that it shares a dragon’s immortality. As long as its athanc fragment exists, Typhon can grow again from almost nothing.[1]


Typhon was first conceptualised by Everblight during his time trapped by the Iosans on the Shard Spires. Spawn are ephemeral creatures that draw their life force from borrowed dragon blood infused with the blighted energy of an athanc. This essence contains only a fraction of the blighted intensity of the dragon. Everblight has long considered a means of providing a spawn with a true essence.[1]

Accordingly, after the destruction of Pyromalfic, Everblight sets this experiment in motion by compelling Thagrosh to carve a smallest possible piece of his athanc. As the disparate athancs fight for alignment, Thagrosh cuts loose a tiny fragment and dropped it into a sizable quantity of his own spilled blood. The goal is to create something from nothing, a unique genesis possible only during this transitory state. The timing is tricky, as Everblight knows he could not risk weakening Thagrosh further lest he endanger the warlock’s escape from the Circle Orboros stalking him.[1]

Typhon emerges after Thagrosh fully consumes Pyromalfic and completes his transformation into the Messiah - the avatar of Everblight. In time Everblight hopes he will gain other opportunities to feast on athancs, bringing more of Toruk’s divided essence into his grasp. With each victory, Everblight plans to exploit the process once again, adding even more perfect weapons to his arsenal.[1]