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Mercenaries.png Vanguard Mercenaries.png

Mercenaries Light Warjack


Weapons Guisarme
Height 2.6162m
Weight 3.8 tons
Fuel load 165.5612kg
Fuel usage 6.5 hours general
70 mins combat
Chassis designer Crucible Arms
Initial service date 566 AR
The Vanguard is a warjack produced by the Order of the Golden Crucible in Leryn specifically for Llael. It is one of the few Llaelese warjacks to be put into mass production.


Starting in 566 AR there was an ill-fated attempt to modernise the Llaelese Army by innovating new warjack designs. After the treasury refused to back these plans, the designs were handed over to the Order of the Golden Crucible and eventually resulted in the Vanguard, one of the finest light warjacks ever designed. Unfortunately this success was not followed by other designs.[1]

Llaelese warcasters suffer during the war when pitting many antiquated and cheaply built ’jacks against superior machines from Khador. The Vanguard proves itself, however, and holds up quite well in its intended role and enough are produced that they are still found in use by mercenaries and Resistance forces. Many Vanguards remain in storage, and recovering them becomes a priority of the Llaelese Resistance. After the fall of Merywyn a number of Vanguards are smuggled out of the country by exiled nobility, and some of them have been sold on the black market by those individuals or by the Resistance itself. This is an effective way to raise funds, for mercenary companies across western Immoren seek out this warjack design.[1][2]


Designed as a mechanikal bodyguard as well as a weapon, the Vanguard is armed with a long-hafted guisarme and tower shield integrated with a large-calibre cannon, designed specifically for this machine. Its arms and cortex design allow for precise aiming of the shield-cannon that is impossible for other steamjacks to achieve. The Vanguard is able to keep up with the fastest warcasters and shield them from danger.[1][2]


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