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The-protectorate-of-menoth.png Vigilant The-protectorate-of-menoth.png

Protectorate Light Warjack


Weapons Twin Shield Fist
Height 3.05 m
Weight 5 tons
Fuel load 213.19 kg
Fuel usage 5 hours general
50 minutes combat
Chassis designer Engines East
Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly
(Modified by the Sul-Menite artificers)
Initial service date 535 AR
The Vigilant is a light warjack built by the Protectorate of Menoth. After decades of service, the Vigilant is as dependable today as it was the day it first walked off the assembly line.[1]


The Vigilant is one of the earlier Protectorate designs, built when they outwardly adhered to Cygnar's decree that they could not create warjacks.[1]


The Vigilant is a relatively small warjack, armed defensively with twin arm mounted shields that leave its hands free to throw enemies and handle cargo. The tremendous area covered by its towering shields provides nearly unassailable shelter from enemy artillery fire. Its uncomplicated armament and cortex make manufacture and repair simple and inexpensive. The Vigilant can manoeuvre nimbly around barricades and weather tremendous fire in vicious street fights, making it crucial in the defence of Sul.[1]


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