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Viper tatzylwurms are the smallest and most dangerous species of tatzylwurms. They are native to the jungles of the Broken Coast, and their venom is one of the most potent and best adapted known to the people of Immoren. They hunt largely in packs, but even a lone viper tatzylwurm is capable of tracking and devouring almost any creature.

Physical Characteristics

Viper tatzylwurms are the smallest variety of tatzylwurms, only measuring over a metre from head to tail. As with their cousins, a complicated array of ten eyes able to detect extreme wavelengths of light allows them to see equally well in and out of the water as they hunt. Their tails terminate in a rattle that they sound while hunting. The viper tatzylwurm’s venom produces a scent similar to that of strongly brewed tea, so in the wild this smell can indicate the beast’s proximity.[1]


A pack of viper tatzylwurms consists of three or more individuals led by a dominant adult. Although they spend most of their time on land, they are fully amphibious and will swim long distances to secure new territory or find a mate.[1]

Packs of viper tatzylwurms are capable of coordinating their hunting activities with chilling efficiency. Each serpent bears a rattle at the end of its tail that it uses both to communicate with its pack mates while on the hunt and to confuse its prey. The sound of the rattle is deceptive, as it seems to be produced from some distance away. The serpents sometimes use this ability to herd prey away from potential routes of escape and drive it into striking distance of a fellow tatzylwurm.[1]

The venom of the viper tatzylwurm is astoundingly powerful, causing mania and delirium, disorienting its victim and causing him to lose focus and struggle to keep a clear mind. It is capable of killing an adult human in a matter of minutes; even the natural resilience of the trollkin may be no match for it. Even if the bitten prey manages to break away from the hungry pack, the venom causes its sweat to produce a powerful scent similar to the smell of the viper tatzylwurm itself. An envenomated victim leaves a clear trail behind it as the toxin works its way into the creature’s system. Viper tatzylwurms can follow this scent for many miles and will feed once they catch up to the prey.[1]


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