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Void spirits are disembodied ghosts of dead skorne that have returned to Caen through some unnatural compulsion after having experienced the maddening torments of the Void.[1]

Void spirits have no physical form. What one sees when facing a void spirit is the barest vestige of the creature's memory of its former appearance. The void spirit appears as an emaciated, ghostly skorne adorned in scraps of armour, its eyes hollow and burning with hate. Void spirits are very resilient and, never truly at ease on Caen, flicker constantly from one place to other.[2]

Even short exposure to the horrors of the Void can irreversibly damage a spirit’s psyche, ripping away former memories and leaving a thirst to lash out and kill. Mortitheurges believe even a single moment in the Void renders the mind insane, though it's impossible to determine how much time any void spirit has spent on the other side. Void spirits jealously clutch at the souls of those killed around them, seeking to subject others to the same pain they have endured. Antithetical to life, void spirits siphon away vitality through a single painful touch, preventing their victims from healing and leaving nothing behind but a shrivelled husk. They are driven by a need to spread pain that prevents them from considering their own well-being.[1][2]

The mechanism whereby void spirits return to Caen is poorly understood. Some occultists hypothesise that as continued carnage keep portals to the Void open, spirits on the other side sometimes seize the opportunity to claw their way to Caen.[2]

The skorne might fear the Void, but they know it is unnatural for the dead to return. To most skorne, tampering with the forces of the Void is unsettling, almost blasphemous, and ordinarily they would immediately destroy abominations like void spirits. Certain mortitheurges, however, are fascinated by void spirits and have managed to enslave some. Such a void spirit is always ready to betray its master and wreak havoc.[1][2]

Void spirits were once rare occurrences, but their numbers have grown dramatically since the Void Seer Mordikaar returned from the dead with his mind and psyche intact. He has been attached to a yawning chasm to the Void, through which void spirits periodically claw their way into Caen to haunt him. Mordikaar casually deals with them, either banishing or binding them into his service, and has instructed mortitheurges and extollers in the ways by which they can transform void spirits into weapons of destruction. Supreme Archdomina Makeda has authorised the use of void spirits, causing some understandable strain within the ranks, particularly among the extollers, who are disturbed to see spirits bent to such unnatural purposes.[1][2]


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