Warmachine: Legends

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Warmachine: Legends


Release Date 2008
Pages 176
Preceded by Forces of Warmachine: Pirates of the Broken Coast
Followed by Warmachine: Prime MkII
Warmachine: Legends is the fourth and final expansion book released for the first edition of Warmachine. It introduces affinities, allies, epic solos, cohorts, imprints, light cavalry and warcaster attachments to the game.


The fighting continues between the twin citites of Caspia and Sul. During an excursion into Sul, Lord Commander Coleman Stryker confronts Feora, the Priestess of the Flame. Their battle results in the destruction of a Menite temple, and Stryker remains behind with his warjacks to save a number of Protectorate civilians from the collapsing structure. Feora flees the fight, while Stryker gets buried under a pile of rubble.

In the newly-unified volozk of Umbrey, Vladimir Tzepesci exerces his feudal right as great prince to gather an army of household liegemen of his vassals for the purpose of intercepting an army of Menites heading for Leryn. The newly-promoted Supreme Kommandant Gurvaldt Irusk comes to survey his army with an entourage of officers including Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff, and requisitions a large army of men and warjacks totalling over half of Vladimir's forces t assist in an attack against Northguard. Despite his reluctance, he accepts to follow the High Kommand's order in exchange for Sorscha and her battlegroup joining his force. Sorscha, however, decides to follow Irusk, and neither Orsus Zoktavir nor Zevanna Agha is available at the moment. Even when a messenger comes with the news of Sebastian Nemo's departure from Northguard toward Caspia, Irusk sharply refuses to return any of Vlad's soldiers and advises him to delay his action, much to Vlad's chagrin.

In the slums of Korsk where the refugee Nyss are fleeing from Everblight, Cylena Raefyl finds a priest who informs her that the humans have offered sanctuary for Nyssor and have taken him to a well-guarded place, even though they only know that it's a simple sacred block of stone they're protecting. On her way outside, a mad hermit asks her to contact the Angel of Retribution, who must stop the Deathbringer before it's too late.

In Rhydden, Ashlynn d'Elyse and Anastasia di Bray discusses the prospects of their new alliance with the Protectorate of Menoth. Although they don't fully trust the Menites, they need their help to enter the fortified city of Leryn, and in order to know more about Grand Scrutator Severius' intentions Ashlynn sends Anastasia to inform him about the state of affairs in the city.

Outside the Katrinska Cathedral in Korsk, a group of Cygnaran Precursor Knights stand guard against any 'forces of darkness' that might threaten the cathedral, by the order of Primarch Arius. When Goreshade comes to the cathedral in search of Nyssor, he slaughters the Precursor Knights; one of them manages to inform a Khadoran guard of the threat before succumbing to his wounds.

Just as Sebastian Nemo returns to Caspia, he receives news of Northguard falling under attack again, forcing him to summon Jeremiah Kraye and Edward Dominic Darius to head north for the defence of Northguard. Nemo arrives at Northguard just as Irusk is starting the bombardment of the fortress.

In Imer, Hierarch Garrick Voyle is disappointed at how the Protectorate have only managed to regain Sul without making any progress into Caspia, and decides to personally lead the armies of Imer and march on Caspia. The Harbinger of Menoth reminds Voyle of Hierarch Sulon's dying prophecy: doom would befall any hierarch who entered Caspia before the divided city is made whole, though the hierarch is too blinded by the dream of uniting Caspia to heed her warnings and presses on.

In the newly-constructed necrofactorium under the Thornwood, Master Necrotech Mortenebra meets up with Lich Lord Asphyxious and the Withershadow Combine to offer her service to the lich lord. Asphyxious introduces her to his minion, Wraith Witch Deneghra, and assign them with delaying Kraye and Darius in the Bloodsmeath.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Tzepesci, despite his diminished army, continues his offensive against the Menites. However, the army, already deprived of so many men, walk into an ambush led by no less than three warcasters, and Vlad curses Irusk for taking away his soldiers before ordering a retreat. As soon as they begin to pull back, the Menites stop their pursuit and kneel at once before Grand Scrutator Severius.

Following his clash against Feora, Coleman Stryker is brought to the Archcourt Cathedral by Ol' Rowdy and tended to by the priests of Morrow, being kept ignorant of the fighting between Caspia and Sul according to King Leto's orders so he won't try to rejoin battle. Sebastian Nemo visits him and tells him about the modifications he made to Stryker's experimental armour and the current situation. After six weeks, Stryker is able to walk again just as Exarch Sebastian Dargule meets him and informs him of the latest news: Hierarch Voyle has arrived in Sul, fighting alongside Juviah Rhoven, Mikael Kreoss and Feora. His presence has driven the Protectorate zealots into a fury, and they have laid siege to the Strategic Academy. Even though he has not fully healed yet, Stryker immediately sets out to rejoin the fighting.

Anastasia di Bray is summoned by Grand Scrutator Severius and informs him about what she has discovered: two of the three Greylords stationed inside Leryn are Old Faith Menites. With his new information, Severius comes to the gates of the city. Koldun Lord Volkh Lazar greets him as an enemy, and Severius gives a speech to him and the two Menite Greylords before leaving the city with a warning that he'll come tomorrow to claim the city. The next day, finding the city gates open, Severius marches inside with High Executioner Servath Reznik, and finds Volkh Lazar held inside a cage in the market with the two Menite Greylords kneeling nearby. Severius pardons the two, and when Lazar refuses to renounce his loyalty to Khador, he has Servath Reznik put the koldun lord on the wrack to be burnt alive.

After weeks of probing attacks on the outer defenses of the Cygnaran fortress of Northguard, the Khadoran Army launches a full assault on the fortress. Irusk coordinates the attack, making use of intelligence gathered in the previous year’s attack. Amid an engagement between the trenchers and the Great Bears of Gallowswood, a group of kayazy assassins penetrates Cygnaran defences to sabotage a central powder storage and thereby compromise the fortress’ outer walls, which are soon breached. The Khadorans subsequently secure Northguard’s central keep and confront Lord General Hagan Cathmore, who refuses to surrender and is killed by Kommander Alexander Karchev.

After having slaughtered the Precursor Knight defenders, Goreshade enters the Katrinska Cathedral, making short work of the Nyss guards keeping vigil around the frozen god. After thawing the vault with the Torch of Khazarak, Goreshade reveals his intentions to the sole surviving priest of Nyssor: he believes the presence of Nyssor and Scyrah on Caen to be responsible for the ills of the Iosan people. Ignoring the god's warnings, he attempts to murder Nyssor with his blade Bloodcleaver, which shatters. Goreshade takes up Nyssor’s sword, Voass, but is unable to finish his job before Khadoran soldiers arrive and force him to flee.

After his ordeal with the skorne paingiver Morghoul, Asheth Magnus returns to Eastwall and hires Stannis Brocker, Greygore Boomhowler and Jarok Croe to engage in a diversionary assault against the Cygnaran fortress for the purpose of preventing the Eastwall garrison from aiding Caspia and of covering his own covert entrance into Caspia in search of Vinter’s heir.

In Corvis, Magnus seeks out the former Senior Inquisitor Orin Midwinter and asks him for the whereabouts of Vinter's heir. Midwinter points him to the lair of Asler Garhaus, another inquisitor hiding in Caspia so he can find him before Allister Caine could kill him. With the information from Midwinter, Magnus asks him not to come to Caspia, instead heading to Eastwall to help Stannis Brocker with his operation.

Meanwhile in Northguard, Sebastian Nemo and Victoria Haley are overwhelmed and forced to withdraw. Only then do they encounter Jeremiah Kraye and Edward Dominic Darius, after they manage to get through the Cryxians delaying them.

Orsus Zoktavir, already besieging the city of Fellig, defies orders to launch an ill-advised assault on the city against the advice of most of his men. Seeing the Butcher's folly, an officer sends a messenger for Northguard to immediately inform Irusk on the situation.

In Caspia, Bolden Rebald summons Allister Caine to inform him of the presence of Orin Midwinter in Corvis. Caine captures and qustions Midwinter and forces him to reveal everything that he let Magnus knew earlier.

Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova, informed of the incursion into Katrinska Cathedral, leads the forces securing the cathedral and claims both Nyssor and the Torch of Khazarak for the Greylords Covenant, killing a Morrowan priest who attempts to dissuade her. She is unaware of the contents of the vault but accurately deduces it is an occult find of great significance. Meanwhile, Goreshade is ambushed by the Iosan mage hunter Eiryss and easily defeats her. Instead of killing her, he orders her to return to Ios and let the Retribution of Scyrah know of what she witnessed.

The news of Orsus Zoktavir's attack reach Irusk, who orders Sorscha Kratikoff to quickly ride to Fellig and aid the Butcher. Sorscha finds him outside the city, surrounded by Sword Knights, and she abandons him to his fate, explicitly ordering her men not to approach him. Meanwhile, the dwarf mercenary Gorten Grundback arrives at Boarsgate to receive a contract from the local Ordic castellan: fight his way through the Khadorans so they could ask Cygnar's Duke Olan Duggan in Fellig for permission for the Ordic Regular Army to occupy his city.

Caine arrives at Garhaus' lair to find Magnus already present and extorting information from Garhaus. When he sees Caine, Magnus kills Garhaus and nearly succeeds to kill Caine before escaping.

After being separated from the main Cygnaran column while retreating through the Thornwood, Major Haley is surrounded and hunted down by Khadoran widowmakers. Before she could be captured, she is unexpectedly helped by her sister Deneghra, who kills the Khadorans and tells her to escape.

Protectorate forces led by Hierarch Voyle breach Caspia’s inner defences, shattering numerous armed gatehouses protecting the city’s interior. Primarch Arius orders the Sancteum’s soldiers to join in the defense alongside the Cygnaran Army. King Leto Raelthorne also joins the battle, eventually confronting Hierarch Voyle in a clash. After Voyle severely injures Leto, Coleman Stryker has Ol' Rowdy throw a Reckoner over the hierarch, though it only serves to delay Voyle before he is able to extricate himself from the nine-ton warjack, without suffering any injuries. Meanwhile, Arius takes care of Leto's wound and orders Katherine Laddermore to get the king to safety.

The Menites march through the winding streets slowly but with a sense of inevitable weight. Voyle enters Caspia, with the Harbinger beside him, flanked by heroes of the faithful: Grand Exemplar Mikael Kreoss, High Exemplar Sarvan Gravus, and High Paladin Dartan Vilmon. Just behind walks the Testament of Menoth. At his side marches Visgoth Juviah Rhoven and his bodyguard. Next strides the Avatar of Menoth with its trailing red banners. Beside the Avatar comes Feora and High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza. Their army flow out endlessly behind them.

Coleman Stryker attempts to negotiate with Hierarch Voyle to buy time to evacuate. Stryker offers to turn over hundreds of Menite Cygnaran citizens who had formerly been imprisoned and who desired to join the Protectorate, asking in exchange for a temporary ceasefire. Disregarding the Harbinger's advice, Voyle refuses this offer and instead orders an attack on the battlements where those Cygnaran Menites await, killing many of them.

As the prisoners lay dying, Dartan Vilmon steps out and calls out against Voyle, saying that this it is not the will of Menoth for these innocents to die. The hierarch declares Vilmon apostate and attempts to summarily execute him, though suddenly the Harbinger interposes herself, taking the killing blow and saving Vilmon. Filled with hate, Garrick Voyle turns toward Coleman Stryker, holding him to blame for the Harbinger's fall.

Voyle easily overwhelms Stryker in single combat, disarming him and knocking him down with little effort. The Harbinger offers Stryker her holy sword Providence, and with the sword Stryker strikes Voyle down. Before Feora could finish Stryker as well, Mikael Kreoss, seeing the demoralised Menite army, orders her to stop and coordinates a retreat from Caspia.

A few days after the end of the Caspia-Sul war, Coleman Stryker visits King Leto for the newest news: Northguard and Deepwood Tower have fallen, the Thornwood belongs to Khador, Nemo and Haley have returned to Corvis, the Khadorans warn them not to march past the Dragon's Tongue river, and Fellig becomes an Ordic city in all but name.

Lich Lord Terminus, Darragh Wrathe and the Witch Coven of Garlghast arrive at the Thornwood necrofactorium and meet with Asphyxious, Deneghra, Mortenebra and the Withershadow Combine. Later, when Goreshade returns, Asphyxious finds on him the mark of the abomination, but Goreshade assures him it's of no consequence.

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