Wold guardian

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The wold guardian is one of the heaviest wolds used by the Circle Orboros. The enormous wold guardians fulfil two purposes: they defend their warlocks from enemy assaults and deliver crushing blows in return.[1]

A wold guardian is composed almost fully of raw stone, with little wood and ropes. Creating a wold guardian requires large quantities of stone that must be painstakingly shaped and etched with arcane runes. The rites by which the constructs are awoken to their limited consciousnesses are equally taxing. Considering how few of these organic parts it includes, a guardian requires a prodigious amount of fresh blood to soak each of these elements. The blood suffuses the guardian’s body, paying the mystical price to bestow the vitality and resiliency of the living.[1][2]

While it may take some time for the lumbering wold guardians to reach the enemy, once within reach death is almost inevitable. They can effortlessly dash apart any foe or obstacle foolish enough to stand in their path with their enormous pillar-like arms.[1]

As powerful as the wold guardians are in an offensive capacity, they also serve as a resolute inner line of defence to protect the greatest asset of the Circle Orboros: the blackclads themselves. In large engagements, the blackclads send the faster woldwatchers forward as an extension of their will, while the slow wold guardians are kept closer at hand. Enemies that venture too close find themselves smashed to a pulp beneath tree trunk fists that come crashing down with the force of a battering ram.[2]