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Woldstalkers are the simplest and most numerous wolds created by the blackclads of the Circle Orboros.[1]

Woldstalkers are relatively easy to construct—they do not require a ley line conjunction or blood-soaked ropes for their fabrication, meaning they can be swiftly built anywhere in the wilds. The crystal orb used to focus a woldstalker’s energy is the most difficult aspect of construction. They appear superficially akin to woldwyrds and function by similar mystical principles.[1]

Woldstalkers are swift-moving, floating conduits of concentrated energy. Their light construction allows them to draw on latent ley line energies below the soil beneath them. This energy powers their floating movement but is also gathered and concentrated into accurate and powerful bursts of light and heat, which emerge from the crystal orb to pierce and destroy enemies of the Circle Orboros.[1]

Each woldstalker is a small and relatively fragile but deadly floating weapon. Unlike other wolds, woldstalkers are not warbeasts. Multiple woldstalkers are sent into battle, led by a druid stoneward, coordinated like a hunting pack, either dispersing to pick off multiple foes or concentrating their fire. A particular sort of discipline and concentration is required to direct multiple stalkers operating simultaneously with loose independence. This is a practiced skill for the stonewards, whose guidance lingers even after their death: a woldstalker will continue to follow the stoneward's last impulses, hunting its prey with inhuman perseverance.[1][2]